your stylist: eco-friendly jewelry in honor of earth day and spring\'s bohemian vibe is in the bag

by:GF bags     2019-08-18
Resident image stylists and market editor Melissa magessey ease your costume dilemma in the weekly \"your stylist\" blog column.
I\'m not usually the one to take her bag out every few months, but I \'ve had my black leather womens tote bags bag with me for seven months now it\'s getting warmer and it looks too heavy. What are my (inexpensive)
Choice of spring bag?
Los Angeles MT, things that are cheap for you may not be for me and vice versa, so I\'m trying to stay below $100 or a little more.
For a leather bag, the price seems to be completely fair, it may be your whole season, or it may be something that will be carried next spring.
A big trend this spring is boho/70, and for me the best way to integrate it is through accessories.
There are a lot of lazy homeless people and satchel at affordable prices.
Kohl\'s is a super multi-functional style.
For only $59, this structured hobo shape will meet the atmosphere and other needs of boho.
I am fascinated by woven leather, especially in exotic python.
But if you don\'t enter the market for $2,000
Plus Bottega Veneta, plus this woven faux leather$129)
This is a great choice for some textures, not necessarily sporty tassels, edges, and crazy hardware, and no need to pay for real exotic skins.
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