your life in a backpack: what to pack for 6 months traveling abroad

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
Think back to your last holiday.
I bet your suitcase is full and you have to sit on it in order to zip it up, it\'s just a week!
Now imagine that if you are on the road for six months, or even a year, you have to pack everything you need and have to pack it in a big backpack!
This is the challenge I face every time I go live overseas.
Travel to some places, such as Big Rica, Nicaragua, and even walk around the world for a year.
I\'m not complaining--
I can live in a tropical area like a beach tramp and write my heart out, but packing everything I need into a bag no bigger than a laundry bag becomes a fool --
The feat of science.
I will be at the airport again in a few weeks, this time-
Tickets to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, time to be determined, where I will write, volunteer and try surfing.
After careful consideration, this is what I packed: luggage bag/backpack at North Face Base Camp.
It\'s hard to find a fashion backpack big enough to accommodate everything you need for a long stay.
Most of the hiking and hiking bags are only 3,500-
The range is 4,500 cubic inches, but the north side is an oversized luggage bag/backpack that holds about 8,000 cubic inches.
It is very durable, very spacious and comes with padded shoulder straps so I can throw it on it like a backpack when needed.
I ship it around the bus station and the airport, much more than the actual field trip, so it\'s great. Day pack.
I brought a regular.
Take your laptop with you, head to the beach, or have plenty of day trips.
I use this smaller backpack every day, so on this trip I chose the O\'Neill suburban fashion backpack as it has a laptop compartment, water bottle holder and comfortable shoulder straps.
Clothing: 1 pair of light jeans. Flip flops.
I brought a nice pair and a pair to get wet on the beach.
Reef made some cool new flip flops with a compartment on the sole so you can hide money or room keys. Genius! 1 Pair slip-
On the shoes: in the hot beach climate, something light, breathable and easy to slip is great.
I love my classic van, Crocs made some cool new waterproof shoes with funky design as their plastic sole is cleaner and safer.
Running sneakers.
A pair of running sneakers for exercise, hiking or if I have a big day sightseeing. 7 Tank tops.
I brought too many t-s when I first started my trip-
Shirt, but soon I realized that in a tropical climate I wanted something as light and airy as possible, so now I have my vest on. 7 T-shirts.
I try to find those that are not pure cotton, it is heavier and won\'t breathe when you sweat.
I put my sleeves one by one from my t-shirts, anyway!
3 shirts with collar.
I have a few short-sleeved buttons.
Prepare shirts for those nights or better dinners in town.
3 O \'Neill mixed shorts/swimsuits.
I used to bring a few swim shorts and a couple of normal cotton shorts, but the mixed shorts changed that.
They are fast and breathable by comfort-
Dry material that can get wet but looks like beautiful skirt shorts.
For travelers, they are the best inventions because you only need to pack half of your luggage, but you can throw it on whether you want to exercise, sweat, jump in the ocean, or just walk around town.
I like those of O\'Neal, they are perfect for a lot of cool patterns.
4 sports shorts. 1 Baseball hat. (
Philadelphia of course! )A fisherman\'s hat.
I look as stupid as Gilligan in it, but a big hat is your best friend at noon on the beach or in direct sunlight, where it\'s easy to get heatstroke.
Socks and underwear(
I\'m not going to wear either. )Sunglasses.
I wear sunglasses most of the time when I\'m outdoors, but I always seem to break or lose them, so I can only get a decent pair of sunglasses in the $25 range.
The good news is that you can get cheap sunglasses anywhere on the beach.
I also brought a small rope on my head in case I was kayaking or zip lining or doing something they might fly away.
A comfortable jersey with a hat.
A warm hoodie is essential for a cold airplane trip, an early morning water trip or some nights as it is your only pillow and blanket!
Long-sleeved shirt from Leka.
Technology: MacBook laptop.
When I travel, I live on my MacBook and use it to write, work, keep in touch with family and friends, and even watch TV and movies.
I wish I had a super lightweight MacBook Air, but mine is fine now.
I put a cheap plastic cover on it to protect it from moisture and scratches and put cool stickers from places I \'ve been to and brands I love, identity of other travelersKindle.
I love the feeling of a real book, but it\'s almost impossible to get a book on the road and I definitely don\'t want to carry it with me, so any ebook reader is handy. Travel adapter.
I bought one for $20, allowing me to plug in my electronics in almost any country, or as a surge protector for those frequent power outages.
GoPro Hero 3 black camera
I recently switched from my jenky digital camera to a super fun Go Pro.
It is smaller than a deck, with huge storage capacity and battery life, and is suitable for shockproof housing so I can accept it on rugged terrain or under water.
When I get kicked in the boxing room, I can tie it to a surfboard, a bike handlebar, or a headwear.
I have a wifi remote so I can record the quality of movies traveling abroad without having to hold my camera all the time, I plan to expand my travel blog to more
Entertainment video blog. iPhone.
Whenever I\'m on my way, I pause my US mobile service for $10 a month, forward my number to Skype or Google Voice, but I still access my apps that allow me to make phone calls, use GPS, compass, instant translation language via local wifi as a killer flashlight. Flash drives.
I\'m paranoid about the laptop being destroyed or stolen and losing all the data so I\'m on high every day-
Memory flash drive and hide it in a safe place.
GoalZero portable solar charger.
One of my favorite new companies, GoalZero, made Nomad 7, a portable solar charger no bigger than a laptop.
It expands into two panels to capture the sun with a simple USB connection and charges my phone, GPS, camera or MP3 player.
A toothpaste-sized stand-alone Charger Battery, switch 8, can throw in my backpack and give my device enough juice if in case of an emergency or if I\'m stuck in the jungle.
When this happens, fast solar charging can actually save lives.
Portable Speaker for GoalZero.
I listen to music 24/7 and the speakers on my laptop don\'t cut off either.
But most mini speakers sound like crap until I finally find a good speaker that is affordable, durable and has a 20 hour battery life, the RockOut 2 speaker from GoalZero.
They have a built in durable housing that you can power them through your laptop, charge their internal batteries, and even use solar energy. 2 Headphones.
One pair of earplugs and morethe-
Head pair for jogging.
I brought a Tupperwear container to store my electronic accessories and tidied up the wires and cables by twisting.
Exercise: I went back to the basics on the road: push ups, burpees, etc.
But I brought a rope skipping and an elastic fitness belt with little space, but versatile for anyonetime workouts.
The gymnastics rings are also easily connected anywhere to gain strength and balance adjustment.
I have an incredible coach, Trevor Gibbs of healthy behavior, who makes my workout plan almost based on my natural elements, no matter where I am in the world! Swim goggles.
Filter water bottle Brita.
I hate plastic water bottles and you should!
Small towels in the gym
I carry a small towel with me, no matter where I go, I can wipe the sweat, run in the storm, and even dry after soaking in the ocean.
These are great because it\'s always hot in the tropics and I like sweating. . .
Like a foreigner in a tropical area.
I used to \"borrow\" them permanently from hotels, but since then I have reformed and now I have bought a pack.
Security: combination lock.
Once I settled down and bought an apartment overseas, I installed a sturdy combo lock on a railing or post near the front door and put my house key in it.
In this way, I don\'t have to carry the key with me (
It can be painful if you live near the beach)
But I can go in anytime.
I should use the laptop cable lock, but when I leave the hotel or apartment I prefer to hide it in the bottom of the ceiling or trash can.
Same, not false.
I hid the important things. -
Passport, credit card, flash drive, etc.
At the bottom or hollowed out of the box-
Canned peanuts.
I just put the money on the sole of my shoes instead of wearing those stupid travel money bands.
Copy of travel documents.
I made a copy of my passport, driver\'s license and medical immunization card and put it in a safe place.
I also emailed myself these photos along with credit cards and bank information.
Toiletries and medical supplies: disinfection toothbrush box.
Health is always the third question mark.
The world hotel\'s bathroom and hot and humid climate are breeding grounds for bacteria, so I took millions of bacteria and eliminated travel toothbrush disinfectant through violence.
99% of the bacteria were disinfected and the battery lasted 2,000 hours!
I found it on the plane in the directory of Hammacher & Schlemmer.
In the case of severe stomach problems, I carry a pack of Z antibiotics with me and a course of resistance
If I go deep into the jungle, I will take malaria drugs.
A few packs of Emergen-
C go with me so that I don\'t get sick because of all the nasty fake air on the plane or when I fight foreign bacteria in new places.
I brought a few days of travel-sized toiletries on the plane, but deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.
I will buy it there.
Others: 5 books of my own.
Although they were heavy, I took a few of the books I wrote.
Not only was it cool to lend them to other travelers, but I also exchanged meals with copies at a pinch and even stayed at the hostel for a night!
Compression bag.
I found a cheap set of clothes, I stuffed the clothes inside, then rolled the air out of the vent on the other side and sealed it off.
The bags reduced the volume of my clothes by 30% and kept everything dry. Dryer sheets.
Stuffed in my bag and kept everything fresh. Twine.
It\'s easy to build a dry line no matter where I go. Deck of cards. Small notebook.
I can put it in my back pocket and write whenever inspiration strikes.
Sometimes you have to go to the old school!
Canadian flag patch
I sew it on my backpack so foreigners don\'t think I\'m from AmericaS.
Targeting political admonition and theft. . or worse.
Neck pillow for long flight (
It takes 18 hours from California to Vietnam)
The neck pillow is essential, although I usually give it away as soon as I get there, so I don\'t have to carry it with me.
It may only cost $2 to get a haircut, but it is problematic to find a barber shop in each beach town and village.
I shaved my hair very short, so I only brought my own cheap Clippers.
* Believe it or not, it all fits my North Face luggage bag/backpack with plenty of space to spare!
I can always pick up pesticides, sunscreen, batteries, beach towels, etc.
When I put it down
It seems like a scarce property for 6 months or more, but the funny thing is that no matter what I pack, I \'ve never even used everything!
My bag was always full of different things when I was ready to go home --
Souvenirs, artwork and gifts from many beautiful countries I have visited.
These, and the memories of the wonderful people I met and the experiences we shared, are truly priceless to me!
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