wheels, cool accessories put a new spin on suitcases

by:GF bags     2019-08-07
Life is getting better and better because of innovative new wheeled bags.
The following products have been tested by the author and can be bought in regional stores.
Shipping charges are not included in the price.
Wheel awayMcKlein R series bags: wheels help to drag heavy objects, but they make the bags heavier in crowded space or in bad weather and difficult to manipulate.
McKlein has a clever solution: a business case and backpack with a removable housing with wheels and retractable handles.
Bag with wheels when needed;
Otherwise, take the handle back to the shell, pull the bag away from the shell and carry the bag through the handle, shoulder strap or Velcro belt.
How to deal with the shell?
Place it separately in the attached nylon cover or in the shipping bag for use at the destination.
Wrapped in leather or ballistic nylon.
The McKlein R-Series package with removable wheel/handle housing starts at $150.
To find the store, please contact McKlein ,(877)625-5346, www. mckleinusa. com.
* GoAJ Prindle move the desk of the desk: the wait time will be more effective with this portable deviceon-
Wheeled bag with folded size
Plastic table.
The table suddenly opened from the back of the 22nd. inch-
High bag, straight stand bag is attached to the table fixed on the other side as a set of legs and foldable legs.
Desktop up to 55 pounds--
From computers and documents to children\'s toys and colorful books.
The expandable polyester bag, in size 22 by 14 by 9 inch, features a telescopic handle, a zip-padded laptop compartment, a spacious interior and zip-out compartment for files, mobile phones, tickets, and keys.
Mobile desk with laptop compartment (10061)is $159. 95;
No notebook compartment (10291)$139.
95, from AJ Prindle ,(866)774-8278, www. ajprindle. com.
* Ladies choose to travel overnight insider: This wheeled luggage bag includes a cosmetic organizer and a clever and compact configuration.
The luggage bag is 17 by 10 by 11 inch in size and has an easy access U-
Opening formed when the zipper is opened.
There is a zipper inside the flap
Cosmetic organizers with spacious zip compartments and large plastic bags
Size of personal care products.
The organizer has a nylon mesh tag hanging on the bathroom hook.
There is also a separate jewelry roll with three zip pockets.
Books, tickets and water bottles all have two zippers in the pockets outside.
Luggage bags can be pushed with retractable handles, handled vertically or horizontally by the built-in
Carry in the handle, or use the padded removable shoulder strap as a backpack.
The inside story of ballistic nylon (ballistic nylon) was about $130 overnight.
To find the store, please call Travelon ,(800)537-5544.
* Straight and narrow Samsonite Silhouette 8 SideRoller: Luggage maker Samsonite will find a way to make one when you rush through the airport or on a narrow aisle
New silhouette 8 SideRoller can be pushed as usual
There are two in-
Skate wheels.
When facing the narrow space, flip its side and the extra wheel turns it into a svelte 10-inch-wide side-rolling wonder. (
The telescopic handle works fine either way. )
This package has a built-in
In the password lock, see-
Through the inner partition of the mesh, the removable West bag and three zip outer pockets.
At 23 by 15 by 10 inch, it should pass as a carry-on item
On most large aircraft, but it may be necessary to check on aircraft with smaller overhead compartments.
Black or steel blue ballistic nylon silhouette 8 SideRoller is about $190.
To find a store, please contact Samsonite ,(800)262-8282, www. samsonite. com.
Shopping, do not discard the new harbor rolling shoppers of Traveler\'s Choice: this sturdy polyester womens tote bags bag with wheels is perfect for shopping on city streets or country markets.
The padded shoulder strap makes it easier to place the bag upstairs, and the zip pocket outside makes it easy to store maps, city guides and tickets.
When not in use, the retractable pull handle zips under the lid, and when not needed, the bag folds flat enough to fit in a large luggage bag.
Double zipper ensures lock.
This bag is strong enough to be shipped as checked baggage and it can meet most carry-on requirements
Limit to 22 by 15 by 9 inch.
Rolling shopping in Newport (RT-0100)
In the navy, black or red is about $30.
To find a shop, please contact the Traveler\'s Choice ,(626)961-9096.
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