what your handbag (or purse) says about you

by:GF bags     2019-09-17
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What\'s in your affordable handbags?
According to psychological research, every bit of your personality is concentrated in your handbag.
No matter how many feelings a woman has in her life, she tries to make room for them, just as she keeps adding her wallet.
Size, style (or type)
If you like plus, things in your wallet will show up
Wallet or large bag (
Lots of space for projects)
Your life is full of many interests and you like to learn. A bag inside
Say you prefer a safe game;
Be sure to do your research before making a decision so you will be fully informed.
Do you prefer the small bag of \"light travel?
You don\'t need a lot of money, friends or property to make you happy.
As long as you have a few people to love (
Who loves you again)
Enough money, you are a happy camper! ContentsMessy(
Contains old candy packs, bills, old-or used (! )
Paper towels and other \"garbage \")-
You will be busy and have no time to clean up your wallet.
You may not really want;
These special items show a rebellious tendency that is not known to many people.
This is a place where you don\'t have to live up to the expectations of others (Release valve! ).
On the contrary, the cleanliness of your home, your work is always in order. But that purse. . .
Only necessities (
Key or cheque book, for example)-
Once in a while, a stray item will enter your wallet, but it won\'t take more than a few days.
You tend to be productive, efficient, and Super
Organized, whatever you do will succeed.
Everything but the necessities
If you forget to pack the necessities, you may be a free spirit that focuses on creativity rather than practicality in life.
Essentials, plus the \"just in case\" item (band-
AIDS, cough medicine, mint, fresh paper towels, scissors, carry-on umbrellas, pocket dictionaries, etc. )-
Your affordable handbags is your safety blanket (
Some people say \"run away from home\" or \"walk department store \"! ).
You need to know the guarantee that you can handle anything that may arise. And you can.
You are the only friend to ask for help in a crisis because you will stay calm, calm and united. Style (or Type)Eye-
Color or print-
Do you like to wear bags in traffic?
Stop the color or design and you have a healthy personality even if it conflicts with your other outfits.
You are fearless and have a good sense of humor.
Dazzling and charming-A sparkly, one-of-a-
Designer wallet to pay attentionand so do you.
You have an open, easy going way and super
The nature of self-confidenceWith handles-
You are responsible, reliable and able to handle your way in most cases.
You like to be responsible (
Just like looking for an authoritative position! ).
Backpack or backpack
You are super busy and sometimes have a tight schedule, but you managed to get everything done because you are an excellent time manager.
But you need to find enough time to relax. Men (
Most of them anyway)
No handbags are needed because their emotional lives are different from those of women (
Except that they have fewer roles to play, so they have fewer roles to play).
People are promoted to fold their feelings into \"compartments\" and hide them neatly (
The wallet is perfect for them! ).
Encourage women to make room for all their feelings.
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