Wealthy Swiss Tourist Offers U.S. Government $87 Billion To Buy Indiana\'s Populace For Just One Night

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
Sources on Capitol Hill confirmed that visiting Swiss banker Maximilian Krieger met with US President Barack Obama and congressional leaders in private on Friday,S.
Government equivalent to $87
Stay with the entire Indiana for £ 3 billion a night.
It is reported that the charming billionaire gave the United States 72 hours to consider, his proposal will be \"no strings attached\", the source said, Krieg has assured the White House, the deal will last for one night and will not continue.
\"To be frank: you have what I want and I have what you want in turn,\" said gentle Krieger, according to an Oval Office staff member who listened to the conference briefing.
\"Of course, I would love to help you with money. what do we say?
In return, I just have to spend 12 hours alone with your lovely Indiana.
\"Gentlemen, think about it in any case --
\"While I am sure you will find this proposal very appropriate for all parties,\" added Krieger . \".
The banking tycoon then opened a bag to show the government leader the seriousness of his proposal and revealed billions of Swiss francs.
America in debtS.
It is widely expected that the government will accept Krieger\'s proposal and use the proceeds for important job creation and infrastructure renewal projects.
However, White House sources say President Obama has privately expressed conflicting sentiments, acknowledging that the ideas of Indiana and others have \"torn [1 [him]up inside.
\"Despite speculation that his ulterior motives were to create estrangement between Indiana and the United States and to attract his population into his arms, Krieger insisted, he has no agenda other than to give the country a magical night that will never be forgotten.
\"When I saw a very beautiful thing, I had to have it,\" the rich banker said in a television interview on Saturday . \" Explains how Indiana\'s \"purity and innocence\" distinguishes it from all the other Midwest states.
\"In all my travels, I have never found anything more beautiful than Indiana.
Every Indiana resident will be escorted by a limousine, and all of them will enjoy an elegant evening of dinner, dance and champagne, Krieger said.
Krieger said he and Indiana citizens would then return to his private suite and \"have fun with each other \".
In order to attract the country to submit to his promised \"night of happiness\", the chic banker reportedly sent a key to 502 suites to every citizen at Crowne Plaza hotel trehort, and an elegant set of handmade Italian silk that he wants them to wear on a date
According to his own account, Krieger became obsessed with the noisy country last week after he caught a glimpse of it in the window of a private jet.
According to reports, the billionaire carefully studied the state\'s photos over the next few days and slowly repeated the names of each of the state\'s 92 counties, learning that 64% of the state\'s people are still healthy, undamaged farmland
\"Let me assure you that my intention is glorious,\" Krieger said . \" He told Indiana residents directly at a press conference on the steps of the State Council.
\"One thing I humbly ask: give in to your curiosity one night.
You will find it a very rewarding experience, I\'m sure.
Krieger added: \"Let me ask you, Indiana, when was the last time someone told you how beautiful you were?
According to the latest report, most of the Indiana people agreed with Krieger\'s proposal, and the mayor of Fort Wayne noted that his municipality was \"almost willing to do anything \".
\"However, some communities are still hesitant, making politicians scrambling to convince lingering followers to agree to the meeting.
\"I realize this is an uncomfortable situation, but the money will be a lot of help in helping our schools and police departments,\" Sen said . \". Richard Lugar (R-IN)
Said on the radio yesterday.
\"Please, fellow Indian, only one night.
Really, how bad is it?
Mr. Krieger is a man of integrity and self-cultivation who promises to keep the night decent and refined.
\"If we solve this matter, we will never have to talk about it again,\" added Luga . \".
\"So, let\'s study it with an open mind, okay?
\"At the press conference, as Krieger\'s deadline approached, White House aides confirmed that the regrettable President Obama was running west on Air Force One, hoping to break into Krieger\'s suite before a foreigner completes his contact with 6,423,113 residents of the state, announce his love for Indiana.
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