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Vivier’s growing lifestyle collection can no longer fit in tote

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Claire viveyer\'s love for French fashion and American prep
Looking for perfect, non-corporate
Job hunting package-into a made-in-L. A. success story.
Eight years ago, her collection launched a vegetable --
The tanned leather womens tote bags bag made in Los Angeles is called La Tropezienne.
With the early support of social media, it has grown to include accessories, gifts, stationery and French --phrase T-shirts.
It is listed in 300 stores around the world and is about to become an American lifestyle brand --
Even the next Kate Spade.
\"I really admire what Kate and Andy built,\" said viveyer, 44 . \".
\"What do I like to do too, start with the bag and then do the clothes.
\"This month viveyer plans to open her fourth Claire V.
Her biggest store in Los Angeles. A.
Shopping area on Melrose Avenue
She also dipped her toes into the design of the shoes.
Her simple and warm design
Flat Leather pouch with bold
Stripe detail or contrast zipper, folding
On clutch that can be coded, simple totes and duffels-
There are similar styles at each price.
The price of the series is mostly less than $600, which helps to identify a new market segment in the accessories market, for other similar prices
Bag brands like and building blocks.
\"This is an affordable luxury item,\" the retail and consumer research editor of the global trend prediction network WGSN said when talking about the brand of viveyer . \".
\"It\'s also unique because it\'s not everywhere in Los Angeles and it\'s hotA.
The appeal was initially pushed forward. . . .
Looking to the future, she must balance the expansion while maintaining authenticity and exclusivity.
\"As an Instagram fashion star with 47,000 followers, viveyer is keen to post photos of her travels in France; of her well-
Dressed son, 11-year-old Oscar, at home in Silver Lake;
And cute shoes.
She works with some high-tech companies to develop exclusive products.
Well-known brands such as Apple, Target, Goop and H & M, and her celebrity supporters, are all involved.
Her online fans and fashion blogs often visit and take photos at her Atwater Village studio.
But now designers are focusing on turning buzz into business growth.
Speaking of the new 1,100, viveyer said: \"We are going deep into it. square-foot-
Shop on Croft Avenue.
Painting walls, patterned tiles and sofas is the same as her bag, with a bright \"Cali-\" in the space-
\"The feeling of Paris,\" said the designer.
Vivian\'s obsession with bags began in childhood with her father\'s briefcase\' End briefcase.
\"This is a canvas briefcase, zip all the way with his initials on it, and this is my first experience with a combination of letters,\" she said . \".
She grew up in a family with six children;
Mom, a teacher and da lawyer who works pro bono on behalf of Mexican-American workers in Twin Cities, has inspired Vivier to keep her work locally.
After graduation, the first retail experience in viveyer was to open a street --
The clothing store behind denhaiteAshbury.
She moved to Paris (who didn\'t know French) to start her internship at a documentary production company and was a waiter.
When she moved to Los Angeles in 2001 with her husband, journal Vivier, she brought her admiration for French women and their fashion to California.
She opened a blog to record her wardrobe, including frugality.
The store found scores in Minnesota and began to build a reputation for her style online and online.
\"She\'s drawing all of her outfits, the way she customizes them,\" L said . \"A. -
Based on the home accessories designer, I have known Vivi for eight years.
Acting as props designer and commercial production coordinator in Los AngelesA.
Because all the work bags are in black nylon, it looks like \"company-y.
When friends began to appreciate the bag, she began to think more.
Vivier posted her first product on her blog in 2007.
\"I have your summer handbag,\" the title reads . \".
This is Tropezienne, Los Angeles.
The bag is in the middle of her Silver Lake friends and then in great Los Angeles. A.
Thanks to the early post on DailyCandy and the tree trunk show of charity P. S. Arts.
She found her first factory in Burbank, California.
A place that specializes in yacht bags.
In the early days, she would drive all day, purchase leather and zippers in the city center, and buy brass medals at Koontz and her carved hardware store.
Vivier hired her first employee in 2010 and now has more than 40.
One of her biggest breakthroughs was in 2008 when showroom operators and multi-brand boutique owner Steven Allen bought her first-start series.
Not only did he start carrying the collection in his store, he also sold it out from his New York wholesale showroom.
Soon, boutiques and department stores around the world began to pick up Vivian\'s bags.
Allen became a mentor and eventually invested in the brand of viveyer.
At 2012 of the time, viveyer\'s sales were $2 million, entirely on his own.
No family money and credit.
\"I will sell the bag and put the money back in the company,\" she said . \".
She needs money.
And expertise. to grow.
On 2012, viveyer opened her first store at the corner of Sunset Avenue and michalona Street in Silver Lake.
The location of New York and Santa Monica follows.
Sales today reached $10 million.
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