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vinyl frontier

by:GF bags     2019-08-29
Small fortune enterprises)
-The words \"Vinyl\" and \"floor mat\" generally do not mean breakthrough success.
But after chilevich released a series of products made of woven vinyl, its 2004 for the first time
Quarterly revenue almost doubled.
Annual revenue is expected to grow 60% this year to $8 million.
Beyond Bowl: Former leg costume designer Sandy Chilewich established Chilewich LLC in 1997 to sell mesh Leica bowls to the retail marketdesign market.
She began knitting vinyl when looking for new materials-
Lawn Chair in the 1960 s-
She did not initially believe: \"This material does not want to be concave,\" she said.
But she was so fascinated by the material that she expanded her product line to vinyl mats, handbags, decorative cubes and a flooring product called Plynyl.
The gloss and texture of the fabric attract customers, she said.
\"Then when they found out it was vinyl, they thought, \'Great, I can wash it.
\"Sit beautifully: chilevich has moved into restaurants in the products of about 500 retailers and the commercial facilities of MTV\'s office.
The company she runs with her husband Joe Sultan has seen a surge in sales of custom mats in trendy restaurants.
Not that it ignores retail.
Just out: woven-Vinyl carpet.
They are both fashionable and practical. How often can you say that? —
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