u.s. retailers\' halting outlook reveals scale of tariff fear

by:GF bags     2019-09-19
The first half of 2019 is expected to be a boon for the United States. S.
Boosted by strong domestic consumer confidence and expansion in the Chinese market, retailers-
Many of them are targeting the future market.
Instead, President Donald Trump imposed new tariffs on some Chinese imports last month, and was concerned that escalating trade conflicts between Washington and Beijing could bring more, which allowed many investors
As a potential risk to the market, tensions have been going on for more than two years.
But what really upsets investors at the latest round of earnings calls is that retailers acknowledge that tariffs are starting to take effect and they have little say in how to mitigate the blow.
Best Buy and Wal-Mart have warned that higher tariffs will put pressure on US pricesS.
Macy\'s and J. C.
Penney said their business would be affected if tariffs were extended to include clothing and footwear.
Cole\'s company said trade tensions were one of the reasons for the decline in its profit outlook and said the situation was \"unstable \".
\"We \'ve been looking at the evolution of this tariff story,\" said Tony Sheller, research director and portfolio manager at Smead Capital Management.
\"In the short term, there seems to be no (any sign)
Things get better. ” Many high-
End brands have been relying on China to boost sales and cope with the slowdown in saturated developed markets, which are by far the world\'s largest luxury market, especially driven by young consumers.
Ralph Lauren has invested heavily in partnership with Alibaba\'s Tmall, JD.
The company will sell its products in China and achieve its revenue target of $0. 5 billion in the next five years.
Sales in Asia have increased 18% over the past two years to more than $1 billion.
Capri Holding\'s Michael Cole asked Chinese actress Yang Mi to attend a fan meeting at the Rockefeller Center flagship store in New York last year.
The coaches of Up event and PVH\'s Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Tapestry Inc. all held Chinese fashion shows in China and opened flagship stores in China.
However, China\'s economy grew at its slowest pace in nearly three decades last year, with April data showing unexpected weakness in retail sales and a slowdown of about two percentage points to 6%-
According to the Boston Consulting Group, 8% per year.
Investors are nervous after any signs of further decline.
LVMH, owner of Louis Vuitton, fell more than 7% in October after the company said sales growth in China fell from a high level
Children in their teens
Shares of Gucci parent company Kering SA, Hermes International SCA and Burberry Group PLC.
Stocks have recovered since then and some top brands have started to pick up
Last week, Vuitton said demand for its handbags in mainland China remained \"unheard.
However, Chinese shoppers spending is increasingly shifting from overseas shopping centers, such as domestic Paris or New York, which is subject to lower import tariffs and other measures taken by the Chinese government to increase domestic spending.
This trend, in turn, has weakened sales of brands such as jeweler Tiffany & Co, which are at risk of a decline in Chinese tourists spending in the US.
At the beginning, the performance of the S & P 500 index retail company exceeded the broad market, up 23% from 17.
Main indicator 5%.
Because the $200 billion tariff on Trump\'s May 5 tweet will rise to 25% announced imports from China, although less than 2% of spdr s & P Zero ETFs see an outflow of $162.
The Lipper flow at the refinery is estimated to be 4 million.
The most watched companies are those that invested heavily in capital during the boom.
They think the future is mainly Chinese.
Winter jacket maker Canada Goose\'s share price fell 26% in a day after reporting its first slowdown in two years, undermining its plans to open three stores in China in the next few years, in addition to the six stores it has already opened.
By contrast, analysts say Target and Wal-Mart are among the few companies that force suppliers to take part in tariffs.
Rising costs.
The two sides have been working to cut China\'s role as a major supplier by sourcing products elsewhere.
\"Companies that perform well and show that they can reduce tariffs are being rewarded, and those that are missing are being double punished,\" said New York president John Zoellick . \"
Investment advisor based at Quo Vadis Capital.
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