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Turning Waste Into Wallets, One Salmon Skin at a Time

by:GF bags     2019-09-05
Unless you live under rocks, you know that food waste is a big global problem.
We threw away about 40% of what we planted or harvested in the United States. S.
France is now asking supermarkets to donate unsold food to charities, bin diving has become a sport and American chef Dan Barber is showing us that top chefs can \"waste\" with his project\"
But there is a region that is basically excluded from the popular movement: the sea.
When fishing boats go out to sea, they don\'t come back with the pristine sashimi we bought at the grocery store.
Must go to the U-turn, tail, Sting, scales, skins and other nasty parts.
Usually, in Alaska, the waste is about 2 billion pounds and goes straight back into the water.
But Craig Kasberg and Zach Wilkinson think they can do better.
They set up a company to turn seafood waste into salmon skin and eventually plan to make high fiber from crab shell fiber.
Technology, antibacterial clothing.
Kasberg is the captain of a commercial salmon boat in Alaska.
He knew from the fish waste.
So he and his colleague, Zach Wilkinson, started Tidal Vision, a startup that wants to turn waste from sustainable fisheries into something beautiful, and frankly it\'s worth showing off
Our focus is on making high-
Wilkinson told reporters that the value of the products in the industry is usually thrown away.
The wallet and mobile phone stand shown in the online video is stylish and practical in design.
The recommended retail price is $59.
I want to create visible products so that consumers can demonstrate their support for sustainable fisheries practices in the hope of raising awareness about marine sustainability issues, Kasberg said.
It sounds great, but I ask everyone the question: does my wallet smell like a fish?
No, says Kasberg.
We remove all natural oils, replace them with suntan oil and protective oil, and press them with resin.
It smells very similar to vegetables or cowhide, he says. (
As evidence, they sent us a forest.
The green dyed waste of salmon leather, in fact, it smells like ordinary leather and has a beautiful pattern that used to have fish scales on it. )
Tidal Vision has a leather factory in Washington state that, in addition to making uncut salmon leather for DIYers and designers, has started making wallets and other accessories.
Kasberg said he was interested in the products of guitar shells, upholstery companies and footwear companies.
While some other companies are producing salmon leather and already have a small market in Iceland and Europe, the goal of the tidal vision is to make it bigger, he said.
It is not really popular in North America, he said, because people are not familiar with it.
In addition, the company only cooperates with certified sustainable fisheries and replaces formaldehyde and other chemicals in the process of sunbathing with foodgrade products.
The company just started on Wednesday.
However, it has yet to apply for plans for the TV shark s shark tank.
Kasberg joked that maybe next year.
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