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try water-resistant handbags in the rains - times of india

by:GF bags     2019-09-13
The market is filled with trendy bags of all kinds of plastic and rubber materials, before you go out with a leather bag or a beautiful cotton jhola that matches your kurti, three
With the full onset of the monsoon, bags made of materials such as leather, cotton, suede and light-hearted velvet are likely to be destroyed and will not be available next time.
Instead, choose handbags made of waterproof materials, such as rexine, plastic and even rubber, which are already packed with shopping malls in the city.
These clothes have different colors and shapes and look very funky and fit all your outfits, both Western and Indian.
Here are some handbags to try this season.
Different plaid patterns are not only a trend of clothing, but also a trend of accessories.
Design from thin rexin water-
These elegant handbags are made of wear-resistant materials, simple in shape, and look best when paired with office clothes.
Not only can you carry these bright, many
Colorful neon wallet in your grocery store near you, can also work with LBD and rock with your friends in the evening!
If you like the fleece packs but can\'t carry them with you when it\'s raining, choose a duplicate of them.
Give a velvet
This spacious bag has a sense of corduroy in brown and red color.
These rubber bags have different shapes and have soft shades such as Brown and bright blue.
You can choose a rectangular sling bag with round edges or a heart shape sling bagshaped one.
Who says plastic must be tacky?
Try these translucent plastic handbags in a variety of neon colors.
With more than two compartments, this is also a convenient option for those who like to fill the world with bags.
For those who are frustrated when it rains, these brightly colored clutch are essential.
Tips for taking care of your bag-
If your bag is wet, dry it immediately with a suction cloth, preferably white to avoid color shifting. -
The inside of the bag also stinks because of humidity.
Take out the contents of the bag and ventilate under the fan. -
If your bag is wet, you can remove excess moisture with a hair dryer.
Make sure to move the dryer quickly on the bag. -
If the bag is wet, please use the leather cleaner for the bag material.
Follow up with a good leather conditioner.
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