On July 26, Ms. Deng, general manager of Shenzhen Gaofeng Bags Co., Ltd., went to Japan to attend the leather LIFESTYLE EXPO TOKYO. At the exhibition, we showed a briefcase, a travel bag and a backpack produced by our company, which attracted a lot of admiration. At the same time, we also appreciate the design style of Japanese bags, realize the perfect integration of function and beauty of Japanese design, and also have a certain understanding of what kind of bags the Japanese market needs.

During this trip, we also a meeting with our regular customer JALUX STYLE, two general manager of JALUX STYLE and Shenzhen Gaobao Luggage Co., Ltd have dinner together, and signed a new order. At the same time, we brought back some new bag samples of JALUX STYLE for development and modification. This new order will be completed in early November.

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