Together with Horizn-studio team celebrate the Lantern Festival

In the full moon of the first month 2019, there comes another Lantern Festival. Tonight, as a big family, all the managers of the Gaofeng have a good time together with the our guest, to raise the glass to celebrate this special holiday.

The Gaofeng has been established for more than ten years. There are very few such opportunities, to meet the client visits, and have a happy conversation with the guests. We really feel like we are at home and speak freely, from running for the company and developing the business to the personal live and dreams, we enjoy and cherish such party.

Our visitor Mr. Everett, as the manager of product development for Horizn studio company, has been visiting our factory for three years. His extensive product development experience and diligent and rigorous work attitude have benefited us a lot. Our cooperation is intimate, indestructible and symbiosis. Tonight, although there are still many people among us who may have obstacles in language communication, but the atmosphere of relaxed and harmonious has transcended the words, letting everyone feel the cohesiveness and honor of this big family at this moment.

This is a memorable moment, let us toast together, to work, to unity, to cooperation, to struggle, to the future!

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