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To shul in a Mercedes

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Over the past few years, a new social class has emerged in Israeli society --wealthy Ultra-Orthodox people
Although these people are rich, they avoid hedonism and secular materialism.
Instead, they abide by all the traditions and restrictions of the Hariri society and continue to keep in close contact with people who are not very good
Brother Harriet.
The list of outstanding Harriet businessmen includes Chaim Fink, who recently acquired Shemen Industries, followed by his first interview ever, Lev Lebih, the media essentially
Israel and Shaya Boymelgreen jumped from a relatively obscure position to the purchase of Ezorim construction company from Nochi Danker.
In addition, a large number of Harley Diam, including many diamond dealers, are undisputed members of the Israeli economic elite, but somehow they managed to fly under the radar of the media.
Rachel Bolton, the head of Harriet\'s advertising, said the Harriet businessman went out of his way to avoid showing off.
\"Rich Harriet needs his community,\" she explained . \".
\"He needs his prayer quorum to read the Torah three times a week.
\"His connection to the general community requires him to live modestly.
Otherwise, the community will reject him.
The congregation will be afraid of him and will isolate him.
So rich Harriet will drive a limo, but not a limited car.
Bolton continued: \"There is no private yacht in Israel . \"
\"This will invite dialogue between the community, the synagogue.
It\'s not just ordinary gossip, but a way to keep him away from the country.
Few people own private planes, those have-
To patients who need surgery abroad.
The difference between the rich Harley Diam and the secular Israelites extends to their children.
\"The Descendants of the upper crust of Hariri did not really benefit from prosperity.
It is very prosperous and offers apartments, holidays and jewelry.
They will \"buy\" a good son. in-
But they don\'t give alms or a monthly salary, \"Bolton said.
\"They are trying to keep their children in a recognized framework before the wedding,\" pointed out Eitan Dobkin, general manager of Macon.
The Harriet division of Eriksson advertising.
\"It\'s important for them to worry about not doing anything that could harm the wedding.
In general, they are allowed to join the family business only after the wedding.
In addition, wealthy haredim sends their children to the same educational institutions as other haredim.
For the rich, there is no exclusive yeshiva.
In general, Harriet\'s attitude towards wealth is unique.
\"There was no analysis or review of the well by the Hariri department --
According to his private life, the high-heeled shoes of Harriet, \"observed Avraham Rachtshefer, CEO of the business monthly of Harriet Minahalim Nachon.
\"They will check how much he has contributed to the community and the people around him.
Almost every top
Tzaddik, Line rich man and a specific organization (
Individuals of Justice)
Or the institution he donated.
\"Another difference is that, despite the respect of the wealthy haredim, they did not receive the highest honor of the community.
This distinction is left to the spiritual leaders of the department.
The majority of Harriet businessmen strive to establish close ties with the most prominent figures in the community.
It is debatable whether they do so for spiritual reasons or to advance their careers.
Cynics may condemn the Mages for their motives, but there is no doubt that the Torah scholars are above the tycoon.
“We like money;
We even like it very much, but I have never thought of piling it up, \"insisted a new wealthy Harriet businessman.
\"In addition to the problems of business games and personal enjoyment, what is the problem gives me happiness.
I donated the Torah scrolls.
This gave me a lot of happiness and satisfaction.
You know, when you donate a new scroll of Torah to the synagogue, you pray to read it every time.
What else?
It is a special joy, a feeling of Ascension and spirituality.
Simon Glick is an American.
Harriet diamond dealers and real estate entrepreneurs.
Recently, he hosted Rabbi Aharon Shteinman, the leader of the Lithuanian calidi community, at his home in New York.
In addition, Glick underwrote the rabbi and all his entourage for $1 million.
As a result, Glick became famous and even gained glory outside his hometown.
Still, according to Bolton, most areas of the capital are occupied by a large number of women.
\"The wife is the main beneficiary of the money,\" Bolton said . \".
\"She buys expensive jewelry, clothes, shoes and handbags for herself.
A wife does not usually work.
Her job is to take care of the family and the core family.
In addition, she deals with all family issues related to extended families and married children.
Buy yourself a son. in-
Legal religion dominates the lives of the rich Harley-diam.
So most of them will not take any business steps without consulting the rabbi first.
For example, according to a relative at Sholem Fisher, the happiest day of his life was when his son married the granddaughter of Erloi Rebbe.
Fisher is Erloi hassid, a partner of Mathew Bronfman\'s chain store in Blue Square, engaged in real estate transactions in New York, and owns candle factories in Israel and abroad.
He attributed his success to eloli Rebe, whom he respected.
Another ancient Harriet custom has once again become more and more popular.
In order to marry her daughter, many wealthy haredim \"bought\" outstanding Torah scholars from the famous yeshivas.
\"In the hassidic public, the grandchildren of the big Rebbes got married to each other, and in the Lithuanian public,\" Blue --
Yestshefer asserted: \"Blood\", the son of the head of yeshiva, is usually the leader of the financial nobility \"Bogh \".
Pedigreed and the talented Torah scholar\'s \"price\" is an apartment in one of the popular Harriet neighborhoods, where
High-end apartment for 250 people
Occasionally, a rich fatherin-
The law will establish and support yeshiva or kollel for his special sonin-
The law can continue to study the Torah in the future.
However, Dobkin believes that the main difference between the rich Harley-Diam and the secular Israelis is that the former is happier.
\"Religion has stabilized you and it has given you something to rely on,\" he mused . \".
\"When you\'re sitting in front of a page in Gemara, it doesn\'t matter how much you have in the bank.
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