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tips to protect data and dollars from thieves

by:GF bags     2019-09-19
Any traveler will be distracted.
In fact, few travelers do not.
But when your focus is on other things, you may be open to theft and data leakage.
Here are some of my favorite security solutions, from storing cash to picking luggage.
How to carry cash: carrying a limited currency and keeping it in multiple locations can control the risk of theft.
Storage policies vary depending on the type of currency you can carry, but some are particularly secure.
Elizabeth Hawk, who travels regularly, holds her spare dollar with a emptied cardboard cotton ball tube.
The cost is provided in this way to store and put in her make-up bag
Effective camouflage
\"No one ever looked there! \" Houck says.
The products of hidden security pocket abound, including fashionable hat, men\'s sports jacket, zipper
Wool tops for running, and even rustic dress pants with hidden front pockets.
Other options include nailing a small, removable bag to the inside of the bra or buying a zip money strap (
Or a pocket that can be circled around the belt and worn in the pants).
Baggage theft-
Proof: Security is access at the most basic level.
Small Day mail bags and messenger bags with crosses
Body straps allow you to carry your belongings with you in front of you, where you can see them at any time.
Top zipper instead of the opening womens tote bags helps to prevent grabbingand-
Theft of items such as loose-packed tablets or identity documents.
Of course, safety pins and mini travel padlocks are also popular
Fix the zipper label together solution.
If you plan a lot of travel, you may want to explore the built-in performance gear
Security measures
Pacsafe is a company that produces such luggage and accessories. Its slash-
The proven scalable cable network has long been a backpacker\'s favorite need to store items, and the company now makes invisible safety items for adventure and business travelers.
Features include knives
Mesh-resistant, interlocking zippers hidden in the fabric and womens tote bags bags reinforced with stainless steel cables.
Options start at less than $100 and increase based on storage capacity and functionality.
The company\'s shoulder bags and wheeled handling-
Ons makes a lot of sense for people on frequent business trips, but people on a day trip may get through with a tablet affordable handbags, a sling bag, or a smaller crossbody bag.
Message: secure information: it\'s never a good idea to promote that you\'re on vacation by posting information on social media that you\'re not at home.
If the itinerary details and personal data fall into the hands of the bad guys, you may be at risk.
If someone is protecting the house, it is still not a good idea to mention where you are. Solotravelgirl.
Jennifer Huber of Com helps manage this risk through delayed social media posts.
Huber said instead of sharing where she was staying at a particular location, it would be better to wait until the morning I checked out.
\"There is also a risk of leaking electronic data.
While not everyone thinks rf id masking is necessary, it\'s easy enough to find RFID if you don\'t want to tempt fate --
Technology, especially for women.
This is not easy for men.
For international travel, please check your passport wallet (www. lat. ms/1emSZhK).
In addition to the passport\'s space, it also allows the space to accommodate international currencies of any size, a large number of cards and multiple forms of identification.
Threaded RFID secure fabric for all surfaces of the wallet offering up close range
Data protection encountered
Security backup requirements-
Copies of key documents have also been added.
Nora Dunn, a professional enthusiast
Com has been living full time for several years.
Her solution includes using a free app called KeePassX that she uses to create an encrypted database on her computer and USB stick.
This database helps her manage passwords, but it can also store scans and additional notes associated with each item.
Dunn\'s wallet has digital copies of all the cards and identification, as well as passwords, account numbers, and even emergency contact information encrypted on a thumb drive she has been wearing under her clothes.
Information: the secure storage of her personal information provides serious peace of mind.
She said: \"If something terrible happens and I am deprived of everything, I can walk to the nearest consulate with my trusted USB stick and start the process of restoring my ID card, cancel the stolen card and continue my life. Travel @ latimes.
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