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this iitian\'s operation theater can fit in a backpack

by:GF bags     2019-09-22
May 18, 2019: In India, the IITian operating room can be packed in a fashion backpack, with more than 62% of medical expenses being spent from people\'s savings, and primary health care remains the dream of millions of people.
That\'s pushing Dinoj Joseph, 29year-old IIT-
Mumbai alumni, design a portable theater (OT).
Joseph currently works as project manager at IIT-
B. he himself belongs to Kodakara, a remote village in Kerala, and has limited access to health care.
Inspiration: when Joseph was working abroad, he noticed the difference in the quality of health care when Joseph moved abroad. he was aware of the difference in the quality of health care in India and abroad.
\"In India, the link between population and roads is an obstacle to this quality.
\"It\'s enough to motivate me to develop a portable and affordable model,\" he told better India . \".
The OT he designed is not only portable, but can also be placed in a backpack.
Features: It is equipped with a disinfection environment and can accommodate 4 surgeons. Foldable OT designed for medical camp, organ donation, trauma care, disaster care
And rural areas.
It includes mini air conditioning, air purifier, portable sterile housing, folding table, manual
Cleaning equipment, operating clothes and equipment.
It can also accommodate four surgeons and can handle C-
Surgery and general surgery.
Joseph pays special attention to keeping the sterile environment.
Note: Unlike mobile OT, the young engineer remembers that the external air should not enter the disinfection environment, and as such, he creates a system through which the positive pressure to purify the air remains the same at all times.
It is worth noting that Joseph\'s model is different from mobile OT.
Moving OT is usually set inside the vehicle, but this OT can go through 2-
There are 3 people in the desired position.
Fact: When designing OT, Joseph did not compromise on health and hygiene except for the sterile atmosphere, and he also gave top priority to health and hygiene when designing OT.
He explained, \"the focus of our village hospital is to ensure the success of the operation.
After surgery, the patient\'s health became secondary.
\"Cons: Although cheaper than traditional, the cost of the equipment remains the same. In general, Joseph\'s OT is undoubtedly a cheaper alternative to traditional OT, but since the equipment used here is the same as the latter, the investment is still relatively high.
However, in addition to transparent sterile sheets with lower prices than Rs.
300, other equipment can be reused.
To reduce the cost of the equipment, Joseph is \"looking for clever instruments that can be made here \".
\"Release: Joseph is still looking for investors for his model, and it will take him about a year to market on the market . \".
\"In July, medical experts will study prototypes in the second phase,\" he said . \".
When asked why it hasn\'t been listed yet, he points out, \"Once they (experts)
Please note that it will go through several medical trials and tests.
It will take about a year to enter the market.
\"Facts: The prototype, presented at the fifth annual workshop and the medical device Expo, Joseph has demonstrated the prototype of this operating room at the Fifth Annual Seminar and the IIT medical device Expo --B.
The financing of the project comes from IIT-
Biomedical Engineering and Technology (Incubation)Center (BETiC)
The United Nations Development Programme and Navi Municipal Corporation, Mumbai.
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