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this $160 backpack is \'just for women\' and we’re rolling our eyes forever

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
Remember that Bic released the \"pen\" for her with a new fashion design so that the ladies don\'t break the nail while trying to write the recipe or something?
How about when someone finds that women\'s hand tools provide \"Contour Design\" and \"fashion color\" for our women\'s grip? ” (
Thank God!
How can we break through the glass ceiling without a pink/purple hammer? )
These two products, as well as other meaningless gender products, are ruthlessly ridiculed on social media.
So in the 2017 correct case, surely the company has learned to avoid gender products and marketing?
Wrong, silly woman.
The latest addition to the unnecessary gender products club is Parker Design, a Kickstarter group that claims to be \"reinventing backpacks for women\" and is raising money to produce backpacks.
I don\'t know if the fashion backpack is specifically designed for men, but OK, I checked it out.
At first glance, the $160 bag looks good and even stylish
Stylish Modern lines made of vegetarian leather and waterproof canvas-
It\'s no different from other backpacks already on the market.
But wait, is the name of your black leather bag played on Rosa Parks?
Have you just named a fashion accessory under the name of a woman the US Congress calls \"civil rights First Lady?
Or, uh, maybe after Ross Parker, a famous activist in San Francisco? OK —
To be fair, \"Pak\" clearly represents Parker\'s good deeds, an initiative launched by designers.
But you can see how it infuriates some feathers.
Even if the name happens to be a coincidence, its feature description may attract some attention.
The package has something like \"reach-
In your pocket, so when your girlfriend text you happy, you always know where your phone is;
\"A\" top handle so you can catch and rush away on time at 5: 00 on Friday \"(
Probably to see your girl for a happy time);
And the \"Berry waterproof canvas lining, so you remember to light up your day.
\"I\'m going out for a walk and don\'t say anything in the men\'s fashion circle because he once marketed it with\" Berry waterproof canvas lining \"so he remembers lighting up his day, however, the company believes such jargon will appeal to women.
Rosa Parker also offers a particularly powerful feature in a range of features. What bad days?
The fashion and organizational power of this bag alone can fight the worst!
Tell struggling female entrepreneurs to try to be taken seriously, or be paid the same as male entrepreneurs, or take a laptop to school to give a speech after doing two jobs.
To be fair, Rosa Parker doesn\'t seem to have a bad design, just poor marketing.
It is equipped with a 15-inch laptop case with padding, multiple pockets and two water bottle pockets.
In addition, $5 for each sale will be used for Parker\'s good deeds (PAK)
A fund that does good deeds once a month.
However, the package \"designed for modern women\" packs a large number of outdated female features, which seems to be contrary to intuition.
What seems missing from Rosa Parker is a strong big man who carries it for us.
What do you think of Rosa Parker?
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