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Theresa May defends wearing £1,000 brown leather trousers saying they did not make her out of touch

by:GF bags     2019-08-31
Theresa May, after being accused of being out of touch with the average British, was forced to defend herself for wearing £ 1,000 in brown leather pants. Fashion-
The crazy Mrs May says it doesn\'t matter what she wears because she meets people as prime minister \"in all sorts of situations.
Looking into whether her expensive taste and her Christmas goose instead of Turkey have left her \"completely out of touch with the average English person\", the prime minister responded by saying she was trying to build a \"country that suits everyone \".
Mrs. May recently posed a photo.
Shooting in 995 chocolate-colored Amanda Wedley trousers and 140 black Burberry sneakers caught the ridicule of her own MP, including Nikki Morgan.
The ex-minister of education who was fired claimed that she had never spent so much money on any clothes other than the wedding dress.
Morgan MS said: \"My barometer is always like this. how can I explain it in Loughborough market?
The member said the designer\'s pants were watched and discussed in the Tory circle.
Other conservative lawmakers have also expressed concern about voter reference to the jaw-dropping price of PMs luxury casual pants.
A recent interview fueled the row, and the Prime Minister admitted avoiding traditional Christmas for the sake of a fashionable goose.
She told the Radio Times that she \"always likes to cook Christmas meals. . .
But not Turkey.
\"We tend to eat geese for several years.
\"But for the criticism that many Brits will not be able to relate to her way of life, Ms May said:\" Look, I stand on the steps of Downing Street, say what I have done to the importance of a country that is useful to everyone.
\"Because that\'s what I heard when I met all kinds of people all over the country.
\"I think it\'s important for politicians to go out and walk, and that\'s exactly what I did.
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