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There Should Be No Secrets In Our Relationship Excluding The Events Of March 2, 2004

by:GF bags     2019-09-12
We \'ve been together for a long time, and I really believe that if our relationship continues
If we really want to start the future together
We need to communicate as openly and honestly as possible.
I know it\'s hard to reveal the private aspects of your life to others, but it\'s time for us to take this step.
People like us who love each other should not have any secrets, not including what happened on March. 2, 2004.
Are you ready to share almost everything?
It may be old-fashioned, but it is true that a relationship is based on trust.
This is the basis on which everything else is built.
That\'s why, from now on, except March.
I will be an open book 2004.
I want to know who you really are, not perfect, everything.
I want you to pour your life into my life and allow me to do the same for the events that happen between 1: 30m. and 5:30 a. m.
On the above dates, and the consequences that follow, are still never explored.
Except for an unspeakable thing, there is nothing between us that should not be said.
I don\'t want us to be one of those tragic couples who have been together for decades without really knowing each other.
When we\'re old and gray, I want you to look at me.
Very, very careful, never investigated, not even sure if there was any, only a short time from the long winter six years ago --
Know you made the right choice with the right person
You see, we are all adults. we have done our part. the mistakes we made have made us who we are today.
Your mistakes in the past, no matter what, help you become a beautiful woman I love.
I think my mistake is what makes me the one you love.
Please note that I am referring to the role --
The misjudgment that occurred before or after the date I designated as the function does not exist, rather than any behavior that occurred at the motel near the toll road, in the back room of the Chinatown fish market, or anywhere else.
In other words, if you want me to sit down and open my heart
Open up like you never thought. March, for example.
2004, or maybe March.
2004. I \'d love it.
No matter when and where
Hey, you probably don\'t have any big secrets as far as I know.
To be honest, if you ignore the specific date of 2004, we will pretend that it has never existed, and you will find that I am a very boring person, there was never a madness to cram carved plates into an old leather briefcase.
But it\'s important that we can talk about anything unpleasant if we need to, and of course, assume that the date I\'m permanently temporarily isolated and my present
The ban on staying within 500 feet of Hyatt Regency Cincinnati is still completely inaccessible.
You know, anything you say will stop between you, me and the wall, oh God, those dull wood --
The paneled walls and the disgusting yellow lights hanging there like death.
In fact, I \'d like to take something out of my chest now if I can.
Given our mutual understanding of the events of March.
2004, including, but not limited to, what was done to the Serbs, and what ended up stopping the scream, would not be checked as long as you were alive, and I should admit, I once knocked down a deer without stopping to check.
As far as I know, it\'s really hurt . . . . . . I have been driving.
It may not be a big deal for a lot of people, but I still feel terrible about it. You know what?
Tell you it feels really good.
I knew it would.
Wow, it\'s pretty much nothing and I can\'t share it with you except an important and non-negotiable exception.
I\'m glad we had this conversation.
I love you dear.
By the way, don\'t tell anyone we \'ve had this conversation, do you understand? No one.
If you do, I can\'t be held responsible for the actions of the Psycho Vince or the knife holder.
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