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the words review: actions speak louder

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
The Words (out of 4)
Starring Bradley Cooper, zoay Saldana, Jeremy Aines, Dennis quide and Olivia Wilder.
Directed by Brian Klugman. 96 minutes.
It was released on Friday at the grand theaters.
PGYou wants a movie called word to take its story seriously, which is good news for this modern fairy tale.
The bad news is that there is nothing to tell but some signature emotions about being the person you really should be.
Gravity will also bring you to Earth.
This sentence is actually three intertwined stories, following the leadership of Dennis Qued\'s dirty narrator, Clay Hammond, who is the film\'s most popular but not a distinguished book of the same name
Hammond read from his novel at a literary event in New York City, under the constant gaze of a college student (Olivia Wilde)
At some point the person you know will understand it and the story begins to unfold.
Bradley Cooper plays Rory, an unsuccessful, unpublished, apparently untalented writer who has lost hope for his achievements.
His hardworking fatherJ. K. Simmons)
A loyal wifeZoé Saldana)
Both began to lose patience with Rory\'s incompetence and could not accept their limitations.
Roy, it means getting as oily as possible-
In an antique shop in Paris, Rory stumbled upon an old leather briefcase.
Random purchases later led to an accidental discovery, as Rory discovered the faded yellow pages of an unpublished novel hidden inside.
It\'s not just a novel, it\'s a Hemingway --
Can make strong men cry, women sigh esque brilliant-
Or something like that.
Scream at you \"identity theft! ” —
Rory attached his name to it, published under the title of \"Tears of the window\" and started the life that the instant author felt.
Meanwhile, the mysterious old man (Jeremy Irons)
Who\'s following Rory?
Flash back-
World War II Paris, where he was young himself, a former
The soldier with time in his hand is busy writing magnetic prose about his love for life, a beautiful cafe waitress named Celia (Nora Arneszeder).
Alas, it is clear that the newly liberated Paris is difficult to buy a copy of the paper, and the brilliant literary career of the soldiers is also very short-lived --
Surrounded by willful fate, they play a very important role in the discourse.
The same is true of the old man, who did not want to be named, who was not the kind of person to gently walk into that good night, although he could apparently have Dylan Thomas run for his money.
\"Don\'t you know that this sentence will ruin everything?
A character once said.
It\'s a provocative statement, but it\'s hard to believe, because we \'ve never gotten anything more than the mcguffen manuscript, and everyone gets caught up in it.
There was a hint of lightning on the linen, and the strange title was \"window tears \".
Instead, we get endless clichés from our colleagues.
Directors and co-directors
Writer Brian Kruger and Lee Sten
What have we learned?
It\'s not good to steal someone else\'s job and identity.
We need one for this. so-serious movie?
Klugman and Sternthal do have a pretty good balance of their multiple stories --
At least before everything seems to end with a shrug.
\"We all make choices in our lives;
It\'s hard to live with them, \"a character says in the book.
Very good life advice, but it\'s not hard to choose to skip the movie and instead look for a good book to read.
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