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The trip that changed my life: Chrissie Hynde discovers London

by:GF bags     2019-08-28
Editor\'s Note —
Chrissie Hynde vividly detailed her experience of leaving her hometown of Ohio for a new life and musical career in her 2015 memoir, Reckless: My pretender life.
This is an excerpt from the chapter \"lime town!
\"She landed in London for the first time with hundreds of dollars to keep me alive for the rest of my life.
After a series of misfortunes in central London
At the 1970 punk rock scene, Hynde formed the Pretenders band, which continues to sell millions of records and tour around the world.
The band was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.
\"Reckless: My pretender life\" is available in bookstores and online around the world. (CNN)—
I got off the plane at Heathrow with \"I-G-G-
Y and P on one of my shots-O-
On the other hand, written in the Old English font, I carefully applied these fonts in Hubert\'s \"white\"out.
I sewed \"Bernice\" on the back of my denim jacket with snake skin \".
Sartorially, I was the victim of the Summit Mall, but I did my best to make London look cool enough. \"I\'m here!
\"It was the best 1973 months of my life.
We left Heathrow and took a black taxi and told the driver to \"take us to a hotel in London \".
\"The first time I saw Victorian and Edwardian buildings, cobblestone streets, red post boxes and phone booths, and double
The Decker bus on the other side of the road was more beautiful than all my female students thought.
However, this is not in his 60 s.
Dolly, who used to wear a mini skirt, now looks like a tired version of her teenage daughter with them. (Those mother-and-
It seems that daughters are everywhere. )
The girls walk together hand in hand, this is the way I can never imagine being with my friends. (
Walking along Copley Road with Annie? Good Lord, no.
She thinks I\'m crazy. )
We went through hundreds of bars and their amber lights were very inviting.
I try to look inside and look at every traffic light carefully.
\"Old Boy\", the man in the bar, doesn\'t seem to mind sharing the bar with a half-year-old.
I will soon find out that they all play the same music on the record machine, just like it is perfectly normal.
It looks a little strange.
A man as big as my dad, listening to music like me? Very strange.
The taxi driver sent us to a bed and breakfast at Bayswater.
Lion Court Hotel is not so much a hotel as a student hostel, with window racks, bunk beds and cheap towels to dry shoes.
I didn\'t bring much: some changes in clothes and three records I felt I couldn\'t leave-
\"White/White\", \"original power\" and \"interesting House \".
\"I have a few hundred dollars and I will be the rest of my life in the end.
I need a job.
We hid our suitcases and walked down the Queensway to Bayswater Road.
Not \"Bayswater Road\" but \"Bayswater Road \")
Stroll through a row of open-air market stalls selling paintings, handbags and crafts.
I have never seen such a thing before.
This is true Alice in Wonderland.
I walked from booth to booth and asked anyone I could find a job.
We finally bought some vulgar things at the Lion Court Hotel.
The next day, I started my first job selling handbags at an indoor market called Point on Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Road.
There are about 30 stalls specializing in all kinds of goods: cheese cloth shirts; \"loons\" (bell-bottoms);
Indian scarf and incense
Smoking utensils.
An American in London has an agreement on what I have to learn.
For example, you will never walk into the \"news agent\" and say, \"Give me a pack of Rosman!
This will be considered rude.
You have to say, \"Please give me a box of Rosman wine and some matches.
\"Write it down now, it all seems trivial, but this is the beginning of my integration into British life.
After all, immigrants must learn the language.
My booth is in the back and I will sit there quietly all day watching people roll around.
English: lank-
The worn-out guy, in a short brown leather pilot jacket, with a terrible collar;
Girls in Flower skirts and wave hairstyles have nothing to do with Vidal Sassoon.
It seems that people in their 60 s have been hijacked by Amish people.
I don\'t see a Jean Shrimpton that looks a lot like that. -
Don\'t nod to anything that suggests Terence Stamp.
Still, even the worst English is more glamorous than anyone at the Summit Mall.
Everyone is under weight, pale in color and green in color.
But anything is always better than a beleaguered belt overflowing with polyester casual pants or \"shorts\", an unfortunate American craze that the British barely know.
The best thing is the shoe stand.
Debbie Smith will go crazy.
On the third day, I met some people who took me to the bar and I found that there was no wine in the bar.
Maybe a bottle of sherry was hidden behind the counter for the public\'s wife, but it was mainly beer, and they were very warm.
If I had a warm beer in any of the restaurants I worked for, I would have been surprised.
They don\'t seem to mind.
There is no ice in Coke.
No one was disturbed.
I asked for a shot of tequila, which was also blank.
\"Well, then I\'ll have a whisky.
\"That\'s when I noticed that the old boy in a flat cap was side by side with the teenagers listening to the latest charts: weizard, Peters and Lee, Alvin Stardust, David EsherWeird!
Every newsstand has a picture of how hairy it is.
Gary greet, shirt not buckled.
He\'s the cover of all teenagers.
Bopper magazine!
Why does a teenage girl look at this?
Where is Mark Bolan?
I thought what the girls wanted was small, unremarkable things, not big, burly, Manly --looking men.
Too outrageous!
I didn\'t expect a lot of curve shots from London, but I don\'t care.
The more strange it is, the more I like it.
Yes, I fell in love with it.
Biba on High Street Kensington: \"This is the best place I have ever seen.
You can get blue lipstick and purple nail polish as well as a variety of metal clothes.
Graham Wood/Evening Standard/Getty Images New language you never ask for a \"bathroom\" in a public place unless you want to take a shower \".
You ask to go to the toilet if you want to relax.
\"You can never say that in America.
I began to think that Americans also have strange habits.
It\'s interesting to see them from a new perspective. (
Why do you take a bath when you want a toilet? )
I have never had a train on the ground or underground before.
At the \"top\" of Englewood Road, my new street, there is a \"subway station\" which they call the subway.
The crazy language is that English is in the hands of English.
As long as I\'m not caught, I can skip the revolving door south of Clapham and go anywhere I want on the north line for free.
I was not caught. -
I can\'t get caught.
I must be frugal and careful.
Public transport! (
What did that genius think?
When the word comes out in the US, they all want it! )
I can go anywhere I want right now.
The day to wait for someone to drive to pick me up is over.
For the first time, I feel that I am my own person;
I don\'t need to answer anyone.
It feels so right, like I \'ve been waiting all my life.
Civilization: you can smoke on the top floor of the bus;
You can also smoke in the cinema.
They call them movie theaters. -how quaint. (
Everyone coughs up their lungs. )
You can drink in public;
The bottle does not need to be hidden in a brown paper bag.
Local talentCarnaby Street: \"But this is not a person in his 60 s.
Dolly, who used to wear a mini skirt, now looks like a tired version of her teenage daughter with them.
Graham French/BIPs/Getty imagination self
One day, the announced DJ entered the market.
The record jockey in England is not just on the radio.
They can play records at parties or events.
He is a man in his 60 s. -
Thin, plaid suit, gray teeth, sparse colorless hair, traces of acne-
Nothing special, but I found the look of my taste. A two-
He claimed that he could find me a job in a clothing store: \"Owen seller\'s friends.
\"You need to get into a good scene,\" he kept telling me . \".
It turns out that he is not alone.
He never gave me the job, but one afternoon he took me to his parents\' Parliament apartment. (
We Americans call it a project, except that it\'s a place where all kinds of jobs --
Not only those who live on welfare-socialism! )
My brother and I are waiting in the living room. his brother is watching horse racing on TV.
Do you like horses?
\"I asked, excited to meet a fan.
\"Only they won,\" he replied disdainfully.
Gambling is a daily pursuit for millions of Britons.
There are betting shops in every corner of every street.
Both the old and the young spill from them and come to the nearest bar.
When I stopped showing up, I lost my job selling handbags in the market.
I didn\'t even get paid.
I haven\'t sold any bags anyway.
Everything is black and white, even TV.
One day, I stopped and pointed to the window and said, \"This is what I want, one of them.
\"I don\'t know what he\'s talking about ---
I thought he had TV. -
But he meant color. Good grief --
This is a new thing.
Almost perfect place in town with a street, local shop like a mini shop
The city center of each block has its own name and personality, which is different.
St Kensington Street.
Wood Street, John (
I remember the name in the stone song \"playing with fire)
Kilburn High Road, Shoreditch Street: The list is endless;
They are all places to hang out, shop, drink, eat and buy flowers.
When I saw the destination Muswell Hill on a bus, I jumped on the bus and rode to the end of the line where I wandered around knowing that Ray and Dave Davies must be there tooLondon --
I was in a toy shop when I was a child.
I found all aspects of the city fascinating.
I wake up every morning, a girl in love-
At that stage of love, there are no shortcomings in the object of desire.
Next door to Kensington Market is a large shopping mall, a clothing store called Biba.
This is the best place I have ever seen.
You can get blue lipstick and purple nail polish as well as a variety of metal clothes.
This is a place where Alex from \"hair orange\" will go out and play, and for me, it\'s a concession to miss the 60-year-old London I mourn.
Life is almost perfect, I know.
Reckless: My pretenders live in bookstores and online all over the world.
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