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the purse you want from the python no one wants

by:GF bags     2019-09-18
SAN DIEGO (TheStreet)--
Camille Zarski worked on a farm in Houston during her childhood, and she would stumble upon snake skins covered by giant snakes and marvel at the beauty and elegance in the intricate patterns of each skin
She described it as a certain fascination.
This fascination has become a decisive factor in the successful career of young New York accessories designers.
Just three years ago, Zarsky started alone in the fashion industry, designing fashionable, elegant python-
It\'s usually a skin affordable handbags and clutch for celebrities walking on the red carpet as part of a suit.
Her admirers include Padma Lakshmi and Gail King.
The same is true of fashion referees for Vogue, InStyle and Redbook, who take Zarsky\'s high
Regularly price handbags and accessories on their page. (
The price of her collection is as high as $35,000).
Now Zarsky has attracted attention in another way, this time trying to help solve the ecological problem while making fashionable luxury handbags.
Yes, the giant snake is part of the story.
In the Everglades of Florida, a surge in the number of reptiles is becoming a problem, so much so that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sponsored a month of Python last year to challenge the public to hunt snakes.
At the advice of her father, Zarsky, who mainly acquired skin from Europe, also chose to collect skin from the Everglades.
She said the bag she made from the skin of the swamp would be a individually numbered artwork.
\"I like to take away a resource that would otherwise be thrown away and make something very clever out of it,\" Zarsky said in a recent telephone interview . \".
It initially looked like a victory.
However, victory has become a challenge.
Python skins in the Everglades are usually smaller than Zarsky needs.
In addition, in the United States, it is not as simple as people think to find a leather factory that can meet Zarsky\'s unique and vibrant color design for tanning and dyeing specifications.
\"I did not give up.
\"I\'m still sourcing from the Everglades,\" she said . \".
\"I have several leather factories and I will start working with them and they promise to give me a good price.
The skin of the Everglades will be very wrong.
Hopefully we can get some basic colors that I like.
\"It is worth noting that Zarski has never been easily intimidated.
If so, 28-year-
Her position today will not be old.
When she came to New York a few years ago with a dream of success in the fashion industry, Zarsky did not have any contact or contact in the industry.
Years of hard work (
She started her internship at 18.
Talent and the right connection power Zarsky\'s great success as an accessory designer.
Her collection is sold in upscale boutiques across the country.
In New York City, these bags can be found in Sucre on Brick Street, West Village.
In Texas, the Cartier boutique serves Zarsky\'s line.
Zarsky is also in talks with two large luxury retailers to carry her designs from small imports-
Level items like pouch, expensive totes and shoulder bags are only $95.
Zarsky\'s affordable handbags is most notable for its vibrant blue, yellow, purple and red color on the python skin background.
Her inspiration came from traveling abroad.
The blue inspiration in her upcoming series came from a visit to Greece, and she also saw the colors in the regular series.
\"I saw a purple in a pizza restaurant that I really liked,\" Zarsky said . \".
\"I always keep my eyes open.
\"A lot of my colors come from sunset.
\"It\'s always really inspiring me,\" she added . \".
Contemporary art is another source of inspiration.
Her mother is the director of education at the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, which has a significant impact on the development and style of young designers.
Zarsky said she designed her bag for the person looking for the perfect item, and every detail was carefully reviewed.
She works hard to create timeless, practical designs.
So, for those who have developed a range of luxury items that celebrities and fashion editors need before the age of 30, what\'s next?
\"My real dream is to open a very beautiful boutique in the Upper East Side, where we have collections in front of us and craftsmen in the back,\" Zarsky said . \".
\"Women can come in and order custom bags and watch them make.
I want to continue to be able to make specialized works of art ---
A woman may get a 35-year-old birthday present from her husband and pass it on to her daughter as something really special.
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