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the one thing men need to know about wearing backpacks

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
Here\'s a bombshell: guys with stuff. It’s true.
A lot of things!
If you follow the daily carrying trend (or EDC)
You\'ll find that it\'s usually knives, but we swear that men carry more than that.
A modern man needs to carry these things with him, but if you carry a backpack with you every day, with a suit and tie, or tanks and swimming trunks-you\'re doing it wrong.
\"I think a lot of people think that backpacks are a bag they need, no matter what they wear and do,\" says celebrity menswear designer Ashley Weston . \", Who pointed out that this is a wrong way of thinking: \"If you wear a suit or a Trailblazer a lot, then the backpack should never be worn with these outfits because the shoulder straps will ruin the shoulder pads, and will wrinkle your jacket on your back.
Wear a suit or suit = put the bag next to your handle and don\'t bring anything else-that means you need a briefcase.
Please don\'t wear a fashion backpack unless you want to see the way IT people look (
Or messenger bag! )
With these clothes
\"So, what is a person to do?
We live in a world that avoids men\'s bags, which are essential accessories in our lives.
People even call it men\'s wallets, murse, mag. We said fuck it.
Men need a bag like everyone else.
No matter what your costume is, here are some great options: photos posted by Jonathan Daniel Price (@garconjon)
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@ Scientist)
At 8: 24 a. m. on May 18, 2015, the PDTA photo released by Scott Schumann (
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At 8: 52 a. m. on October 29, 2015, the PDTA photo released by Jonathan Daniel Price (@garconjon)
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PDTA photos released by Scott Schumann at 8: 17 a. m. on August 23, 2015 (
@ Scientist)
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