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The Louis Vuitton oversized £7k backpack might weigh you down but at least you’ll look good

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
If it\'s hard for you to put your lunch, drinks, cosmetics and beauty items in your usual womens tote bags bag, then this oversized Louis Vuitton fashion backpack is probably for you.
Because we all know that when we put headphones (or something else that\'s equally important) at home, it\'s hard for us to realize that.
But, as part of the Fall 2019 series, with this large carry-on that matches the gray wool design, you\'re sure to have all the personal property you once had in one place.
It may even double the sleeping bag.
Obviously a great label brings a great price tag.
Not only does the backpack put physical stress on you, it also puts pressure on your bank balance (£ 7,508 ).
Those who have cash to splurge may even want to distribute for other items in the collection, including loose coats and bulky sneakers with a floral cloth marked with Louis Vuitton\'s signature letter combination.
To be fair, if you\'re going to spend that much money, you might want people to see the sign a mile away.
The product made its debut at Louis Vuitton men\'s autumn conference
At the Winter 2019 fashion show at the beginning of this year, bags on the LV website will soon fall.
Hopefully this will give you enough time to save 7,000.
If you don\'t like all the parts in a large section (how exactly do you find tampon), don\'t worry, the LV backpack has a lot of compartments.
For the sake of beauty and functionality, you will find many pockets and hanging straps.
The fashion backpack also comes with adjustable small hole buckles so you don\'t have to worry about opening your bag and someone steals one of the 3,000 things you can put inside.
Of course, a heavy
The Duty silver LV logo will hang on the back so people can\'t really miss the designer\'s label.
If it all sounds too expensive, but you still want part of the LV action, you can choose designer Jenga set.
Yes, you can get Louis Vuitton Jenga for $2,000 (£ 1,501) with rectangular blocks in red, blue and transparent.
It\'s made of plastic.
Case by brown leather strap, so if you are not a pro player, you can use the Jenga set as a home accessory.
But some of us can only dream.
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