The harder epidemic is, the stronger Gaofeng will be

In the new year of 2020, a sudden outbreak of the 2019-nCoV virus caused Chinese people to stay at home during the whole new year, unable to go out to celebrate the new year, make the festive fade lots of color.

The epidemic not only has a huge impact on living life, but also causes great obstacles to production. Factories across the country are delayed to return to work, and the specific date of return to work is also unknown. Many workers are trapped in their hometown and cannot back to work place on time. Raw materials cannot be delivered on time, and the price of raw materials has risen, which seriously damages the interests of production.

Gaofeng is also deeply affected by the epidemic disaster, but face of such difficulties, Gaofeng has keep insisted on and eliminated the difficulties, and try recovered to normal operation at the fastest speed.

In the early stage of the epidemic, Lynn, the general manager of Gaofeng had realized that the epidemic would have a significant impact on the factory’s resumption of production, so on January 23, she ordered to purchase all materials needed for the resumption of production, including masks, disinfectants, thermometers, etc., prepare for the resumption of work. At the same time, the leader of Gaofeng also paid close attention to the progress of the epidemic and the direction of national policies, and submitted the factory’s application for resumption of work early.

On February 9, our factory was approved to return to work on February 10. On that day, 32 employees returned to work from their hometown, accounting for 30% of the total number of employees in the factory, becoming the first batch of enterprises to return to work in China, and the largest number of employees to return to work.

After returning to work, we trained our employees with epidemic prevention knowledge, strictly monitor their health changes, check their body temperature in the morning and evening every day, disinfect the workshop all-round every day, have meals in the independent space, etc.

On February 27, the number of demobilized employees in our factory reached 87, accounting for 92% of the total number of employees. At present, the raw materials for orders are gradually in place, and Gaofeng production is fully running again. We believe Gaofeng will create another brilliant future in this year.

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