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The Chinese are legally free to slap ‘iPhone’ on all sorts of crap

by:GF bags     2019-09-05
Brother, no one knows the sign in China.
Source: a Chinese company was allowed to use the iPhone\'s name on its wallets and handbags, and a Beijing court said it had lost a legal battle.
According to an official legal newspaper, the court said that Apple failed to prove that the iPhone was a \"well-known brand\" in China before applying for a trademark in 2007 \".
Under Chinese law, this status may limit its use on other products.
According to the Legal Daily, published by the ruling Communist Party\'s legal affairs committee, the ruling at the end of April allowed ICT Tiandi Technology to continue using the iPhone name.
The company registered the name of use on handbags, mobile phone covers and other leather products.
No calls were answered by the Beijing Higher People\'s Court.
China is the second Apple
The largest market after the United States --
Quarterly sales in Greater China fell by 26 age points year-on-year.
Apple\'s iTunes and iBooks services have also been suspended in China, although the company said last month it wanted to resume operations as soon as possible.
Apple applies for a computer trademark to the iPhoneand software-
According to the Legal Daily, related goods in 2002.
The company said that two years before Apple\'s smartphone went public in China in 2009, the company applied to use the name on its wallet and leather goods.
Apple filed a lawsuit in 2012 questioning the Chinese company\'s use of the name.
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