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The best backpack coolers

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
When you camp in the woods
Immerse yourself in the scenery and spend time with friends
There is no better way to celebrate the natural beauty around you than to drink an iced drink.
Unfortunately, shipping these cold drinks to remote areas can be a bit tricky.
If you\'re a car camping
Or in an RV.
Bring the fridge and traditional cooler that you carry with you may be your best choice.
However, only when you drag a few yards along the trail or picnic table, it is feasible to install a huge cooler around.
If you want to hike deep into the wilderness or take a short hike, the traditional cooler won\'t cut it off.
Even after a day at the lake or by the river, no one wants to be the one dragging the bulky fridge, accumulating unnecessary stress on their shoulders and neck.
That\'s why the backpack cooler is usually the first choice.
They are easy to carry and work, and can refrigerate any choice of drinks.
If you are not familiar with it, we have collected the best backpack cooler in the market, designed to make your camping food and drinks cooler.
The new 22L Unbound series soft cooler fashion backpack of Hydro FlaskUnbound soft cooler packhydro refrigerates meat and beer for two full days through the company\'s stempshield insulation.
The intentionally placed cooling system uses advanced thermal mapping with a super-long buoyancy foam to maintain the most needed cold temperature in the Arctic and to fall off bulk materials where not needed.
The result is a lightweight package that does the work without being too big or too heavy.
820D scratches on the backpack-
Pressure resistance
Molded base has a clear profile and good rigidity, it can stand upright when you don\'t wear it.
Black, graphite, storm and goldenrod on topof-the-
Quick packing with storage bagand-
Easy access at the top and welding seams, which makes it 100% waterproof.
Buy now: the design of the Podster fashion backpack cooler for HydroFlaskORCA podsorca is simple and convenient month. 25-
Quart daypack size is the perfect choice for a day of hiking or a picnic.
Similar to its big brothers and sistersthe 28.
5 Pod Max-the mini-
The version features comfortable padded shoulder straps and crossoverchest T-
Strap for you to wear.
Double TPU look and meta-28mm thick-
Polymer insulation-
Combine a closed foam cover
Food and drinks are kept cold for many days with properly packed ice cubes.
This bag is high with
Quality, leak-proof zipper and welding like white water raft make it very waterproof and durable.
Most importantly, the podcast won the fictional \"best look cooler\" award with its excellent color scheme, including purple, blue-green, seafoam, burnt orange and coral.
Right now: Amazon OrcaMountain CompassThis mountain kha cloth rectangular bag is over 2 feet deep and can hold up to 30 dry beers at about 20 quarts (
Or about half when full of ice).
It has a zipper, water-
Resistant opening at the top with a comfortable pull rope inside, 840-
Deny relief more than weaving. Its drop-
The liner is completely waterproof and easy to clean, while the firm molded bottom provides stability and structure so it will not be mushy or shapeless.
When opened, there is a convenient zipper inside which can be used for ice bags or other smaller items, as well as bottle opener lanyard.
However, perhaps the best part of this package is that each individual package has one by one-of-a-
Recycled hiking rope for style.
Buy now: the polar bear refrigeration sheet of mountain KhakisPolar bear sun bear BackpackThe sun bear bag is made of very hot, sunny days, when you know that you will sit outside in hot weather and stretch for a long time.
Robust with 1000
Dan nylon case with sun-blocking, UV-
Resistant to polyurethane coating, the cooler keeps the drink cold and prevents the ice from melting within 24 hourseven in 100-
Plus temperature.
If you are going to take any distance, it is thick, Super
The pads provide comfort on the back and do not scratch the shoulders.
Waterproof zipper is built with patent
Waiting for the sewing design to make it leak-proof, sweat-proof and the badass around.
As a bonus, the whole cost is less than $100.
Right now: Polar bear Party Pack 28-
As its name suggests, Dakine\'s party bag is made specifically for one thing: outdoor parties.
Whether this means a game day tailgate, a barbecue on July 4, a summer party, a beach bonfire or a weekend camping trip, this bag is made for the job.
In addition to being a backpack cooler, it comes with compartments, straps and accessories to help you with everything you need for a party on your back --
Drinks, blankets, sunglasses, music, sunscreen, etc.
The lower half works as a standard insulated cooler with a zipper opening and a slim ice pack
Mesh pocket size.
Up top is a dry space where extra clothes or accessories can be stored in addition to soft wool
Inner-lining pockets to protect sunglasses.
On the outside, the packaging has two complete functions
Hold the throw blanket with insulated beer bags and straps.
There is even a third koozie on the padded shoulder strap to accommodate anything you drink while walking, and a discreet built in-
In the bottle opener
Right now: dakinicemule BossThe IceMule Boss is undoubtedly one of the best backpack coolers in the world.
Provide comfortable fit without sacrificing the top
The boss has a wide range of technical features-mouth, Tri-
Folding the DriTop closure system with a weight of more than 60 pounds.
However, the most unique thing about packaging is the patent of IceMule --
Let you pump the air into the cooler to create a fully sealed insulation.
3-combined packaging-
Cm closed
Insulation foam means your drink really keeps icecold for days.
Designed for long walks, the backpack also comes with three oversized external pockets.
These are also insulated, so you can store extra drinks and also choose to bring dry goods.
The backpack is made from MuleSkin fabric with an ultra-comfortable suspension system that is waterproof and can float.
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