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The best baby backpacks: Action Packed

by:GF bags     2019-09-22
A child-
Carrying your backpack, you are free to go to the mountainfree (
Or use a climbing staff)
When your child is safe and supported.
A lightweight package is a priority when choosing a package-you have already carried the weight of a child-the same is true for good weight distribution (
Hip belt, padded belt and waist support).
It is important to have an easy-to-adjust package that can be tailored to the frame of a man or woman, or adapted to the growing child.
The spacious storage space, clever pockets and good wind and rain resistance also make your journey easier.
Once the baby can sit up without help (
Usually six to nine months old.
They are ready to be put in a carry-on backpack.
Please note that the child must be loaded before lifting the package.
Then, you can find the package with just a few clicks.
Super weight Fish Eagle Poco: 3.
4 kg Price: 200 Details: osbré Europe.
Com/gben this is easy to adjust according to the trunk length of the adult, the harness, saddle and foot horse stir of the child is highly adaptable, in addition, various sizes of the adult and the child are allowed.
Without looking for straps and clips, the child\'s seat belt is the easiest.
The main zipper compartment is in good size and easy-
Access to side pocket, zip hip belt, shoulder strap pocket and pad replacement pad.
There is a sleeve that contains the SPF50-
Rated parasol and inner sleeve for hydration of bladder.
This bag is well ventilated for warm weather.
The downside is that it weighs a whole kilo more than the lightest package on this list, and the package is not good. Verdict (
Of five stars)
Fit 5 features 5 Durability 5 value 4 overall 5 has been considered for success in support, adaptability and storage.
Child carrier weight: 2.
Price: 4 kg.
99 Details: littlelife.
Com this super light package may feel fragile, but it performs very well in testing (
Besides making Jiale).
It is fully adjustable with decent support and swivel hip strap;
Light padding on shoulder straps and belts is small enough --
Challenge the terrain.
This bag is light weight and is suitable for hiking in hot weather, its ventilation back system and easy folding enhance-out sunshade.
It is equipped with multiple pockets and a elastic cord system for storing wet jackets, but the position of the side bottle pocket is very low, which means that the bottle mouth will rub the child\'s (dirty)shoes.
What this backpack lacks is the stability of the ground;
When loading/unloading the child, you have to support it by putting 1 feet into a cavity (
This cuts the storage capacity of the base compartment).
It also does not fold neatly.
Verdict Fit 4 features 3 Durability 3 value 5 Overall 4 good value and good performance on a relaxing hike.
Baby Comfort II Weight: 3.
25 kg Price: 200 Details: deutergb. co.
This fully adjustable fashion backpack can be comfortably mounted on the wearer\'s torso length.
Its shaped shoulder straps and comfortable swivel hip straps provide a good balance of filling levels.
There are a lot of zip storage including hip belt pockets, extended side pockets, back pockets and spacious bottom compartments, as well as open sleeves for hydration of the bladder or parasol.
For the child, the height and width of the saddle and horse stir can be adjusted even if the child is sitting in the seat.
Five padded.
The Point seat belt is safe, but there are a lot of cuts.
The soft face pad is removable and washable.
Cleverly, when the aluminum frame with the bracket keeps the package stable, the design allows the child to enter and exit.
With a sturdy grip handle, it is foldable and easy to transport.
Verdict Fit 4 features 4 Durability 4 value 4 children\'s favorite overall 4.
They like to be able to climb their backpacks independently (
Not to mention the hidden teddy bear).
Comfort Weight: 3 lbs.
7 kg Price: 220 Details: vaude. com/en-
Gb is a stable, safe package with adjustable trunk support and saddle height, which means that it can adapt to different wearers or change as the child grows.
It is easy to clip the child in and the important safety mechanism is highlighted as orange.
Soft towels, Teddy
The shaped face pad is removable and washable and has a headrest with good neck support. The load-
The bearing hips are well padded, but there are very few liners elsewhere.
However, its suspension system provides good support on uneven terrain.
The large base compartment contains a padded replacement mat, as well as an integrated sun cover and a spacious belt pocket.
Strangely, there are no side bags.
Using a hinge bracket, the fashion backpack stands upright on the ground with a strong handle.
Like Deuter, the side channel allows the child to enter and exit.
This is the heaviest of all packages.
Verdict Fit 3 features 4 Durability 5 value 3 Overall 4 technical package that performs well in some areas but is lacking elsewhere.
MacPac Possum Weight: 3.
5 kg Price: 184 Details: macpac. co.
This bulky fashion backpack has an easy-to-adjust seat belt for men and women, but it stands out at the waist and above the waist
The padded belt is not suitable for everyone.
The children\'s saddle can be adjusted to three different heights.
The legs are padded and the shoulder straps and headpads are removable and washable.
More supportive neck pillows can be purchased separately.
It offers good storage with a large base compartment with elastic pockets on both sides and a hip belt pocket and a smart \"secret\" rider underneath the cockpit.
There are two zip pockets on the front, one of which can hold a parasol (
Purchase separately).
It is also compatible with excellent rain cover and paved the way for transportation.
Verdict Fit 4 features 4 Durability 4 value 5 Overall 4 A smart folding design with excellent waterproof performance (
Rain cover must be purchased separately).
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