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The 8 key autumn/winter 2014 fashion trends you need to know about

by:GF bags     2019-08-28
Autumn/Winter is our favorite season of the year (as you know, we think it\'s in the fashion season, not the weather season-it\'s easier to distinguish ).
The British dress better in winter than in summer. Fact.
We prefer to wrap ourselves up with a comfortable coat and a soft knit layer.
In fact, we dream of making cashmere.
With the store receiving their first new season AW14 costume (true story) next month, here are the main trends you need to know.
These days, each season has its iconic decade, this time in its 60 s, as seen in Nicholas Gaskey\'s first show for Louis Vuitton,
Knee line shift
High shiny leather boots and luxurious polo neck.
Gucci\'s more attractive brown leather-
With the lines of the wrinkled leather shirt, Valentino provides us with a bright print pattern.
It is worth noting that the pointed 60 s flat flats and the mini four-square handbag are also available for a moment.
Modern style in his 60 s.
Dolce & Gabbana, with their dark, sexy attitude towards traditional fairy tales, turned the aw14 into a storyteller.
Imagine a huge fur hood, a jade-green embellished cloak and a charming Red Riding Hood thick Ruby coat.
Elsewhere, Christopher Kane staged quite a few plays with his delicious 3D millefeuille gown and tight spiral arms.
Oh, don\'t forget the sweat of Darren\'s Darth Vader.
Especially when the weather is cold, the shops are littered with capes and bold decorative details. Don’t groan.
Yes, normcore is very fashionable.
Also described as \"perfect boring\", the key to this trend is the custom fine Loche trousers, the soft wool jumper and many classic gray, navy and black.
It\'s about wearing the best classic costume you can afford to make your life as simple and comfortable as possible.
You can see it at Stella McCartney, Mark Jacobs and Margaret Howell.
Keep in mind that this is the designer normcore, so leave the hat at home.
Nowadays, Burberry often creates the trend alone.
This season, Christopher Bailey celebrates the boho artists and writers of the 1920 th generation, the well-known Bloomsbury set, and there is no difference.
A beautiful, whimsical watercolor scarf is laid on a skirt, paired with lanyard boots and a wool jacket or one of the printed blankets.
This is one of the innovative spirit of all of us.
It seems to be a direct contrast to Burberry\'s romanticism, which Karl Lagerfeld has given us the effort
The fringe consumerism of his supermarket fashionthemed show.
The T-station was transformed into the most fashionable supermarket we \'ve ever seen and encouraged FROW to go crazy in the Channel looking for Chanel-branded food.
Clothes including high-end Pepto
Bismol\'s cropped tops, sportswear and sneakers are simply useless.
Jeremy Scott is also inspired by a fast food restaurant in Moschino, looking forward to a lot of funky, bright colors on the street, and accessories influenced by your favorite fast food chain. Tasty.
While Pink has dominated in recent seasons, Blue has fought back on the AW14 cat steps (although it hasn\'t thrown away the pink coats yet-Christopher Kane makes sure they\'re still popular,
From cobal to teals to everything in the middle, we will feel blue this fall.
For those with a deeper character, just indulge your love of butter-soft black leather, red glitter, to guide the uncompromising and charming Marlene Dietrich and her lazy silk in Lanvin, Prada and Givenchy.
Danger tempting
If you only buy one thing for the new season, it must be a statement coat.
Our favorite is the blanket coat (better than commuting in a duvet), but the other key looks are bulky knockoffs
Fur, full length patchwork design, luxurious sea birds and anything to cut wool.
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