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the 5 best 17-inch laptop backpacks

by:GF bags     2019-09-21
Find high-quality 17-inch laptop backpack are you looking for the best backpack for a 17-inch laptop?
Do you need extra space in your bag?
Then you should look at the top of these. Class backpack.
The backpack is a great computer bag.
They are easier to carry than courier bags or briefcases.
When they evenly distribute weight between shoulders, they help you avoid back pain.
Nowadays, you seem to have a dedicated laptop bag of all types.
There are laptops such as men, women and cat lovers.
No matter what special needs you have, you can find a backpack laptop bag that suits you.
The package in this article is big enough not only for 17-inch laptop.
Whether it\'s work or school, each of them has enough space to meet most of their daily needs.
They tend to come with a variety of zip pockets for easy finishing;
Where documents are stored;
A side water bottle pocket, etc.
The bag is heavy-
Nylon, canvas, leather, etc.
While most laptops are versatile for men and women, some are more suitable for women.
=> What are you looking for in your laptop backpack? Here are some things to look for in a large laptop backpack.
Size: Make sure your laptop fits the bag you choose.
If you intend to use the laptop case in your bag, you will need to check if your laptop case is appropriate.
If your laptop is smaller than the connected sleeve, make sure it is easy to adjust so your laptop can be safely placed inside.
Organization: An ideal package should be easy to organize so you can get to important items quickly.
For small items such as pens, phones, cards and other gadgets, there is usually a good organizing panel.
File system is also a good thing.
There should also be enough space for larger projects such as books and documents.
There may be some larger pockets for laptop accessories like cables, mouse and power adapter.
Any other size pocket can also work well.
Basic weight: Because the ar laptop we are looking for is quite large and heavy, the basic weight of the backpack is critical.
You will want to get the lightest backpack without affecting durability.
The bag needs to be light and strong enough to meet your needs.
Comfort: Also, the bag must carry comfort due to the weight you need to carry.
The straps of the backpack need to be strong.
On the back, you need a good airflow vent so there is plenty of ventilation between the backpack and the back.
= Below, I created a table to give you a quick idea of the different features and price ranges of these packages.
For more detailed comments on each package, please read further.
Swisgear Pegasus computer fashion backpack solid professional-
Laptop .
However, this is not done without compromising its appearance.
The main focus of this backpack is to protect the laptop with a lot of padding and make it easy to transport.
There are also some features that make this package very comfortable to use.
The weight of the shock absorbing shoulder strap is evenly distributed.
Specially designed air
The return liner keeps the back cool even when fully loaded.
The extra padding on the back provides more shock absorption.
They also make the bottom of the package hard so they can stand on their own without leaning against anything else.
There are three main compartments with plenty of room for anything you might need.
Each main compartment has pockets to help you sort out your stuff.
The front compartment has plenty of room for all your small items.
On the wall inside is a tissue panel with small pockets of pens, pencils, USBs, flash drives, cards, etc.
Just above this is a larger zip pocket.
There is a key holder at the top for easy access.
Next is a padded pocket above the front compartment that should fit the tablet and camera.
There is also a small pocket for mp3 player or mobile phone.
The compartment in the middle has a large size to accommodate larger items.
There is a simple flat pocket on one of the walls inside and you can separate something.
The main compartment is a storage place for your laptop and any other large items.
The padded laptop pocket should fit up to 17-inches.
The Velcro strap ensures you can secure your laptop comfortably.
There are also mesh pockets for storing some smaller items.
The Pegasus computer backpack is a much more durable
The functional laptop backpack should last for a long time but still maintain its look.
Overall, this is a bag with a lot of favorable reviews.
In general, most owners express great satisfaction with their purchases.
The average rating is above level 4. 5 stars.
Comfortable Ibex 17 \"laptop backpack with large space and good performanceconstructed.
This backpack has three main compartments: A front compartment with an organizational panel for your phone, pen, card and other gadgets.
Book parts of documents, books, etc.
Large padded pocket for a 17-inch laptop.
The front compartment is well proportional to the tissue panel on the inner wall.
There is also a zip pocket above the panel for some other items that need protection, but you need to get there quickly.
The rest of the compartment has enough space to carry other smaller items.
The quick pocket in front of the larger front pocket can hold the iPod/MP3 player and give you easy access to all the other gadgets.
The middle compartment consists of large spaces for large size items.
Several flat items have a flat pocket, such as the file you need to save separately.
There is a well in the last car.
Padded compartments for most 17-inch laptops
Wide-inch laptopThe Comp-u-
Flex computer pocket designed to keep any 17-
Inch wide screen personal protection.
Also, there is a small bag in this compartment that is large enough to put a tablet or some other flat items.
Waterproof plastic]fake leather]
The base allows you to put it on a damp/messy floor without worrying about the bag being damaged.
Each compartment has a pair of zippers to easily find what is stored inside.
There is a water bottle pocket on each side and a zipper pocket on each side for small items.
Ibex is a comfortable bag to carry.
Special Air on the back
Even with a full pack, it keeps the back cool flowing padding.
This excellent shock-absorbing shoulder strap makes you feel comfortable with even weight.
While the Ibex backpack is suitable for most 17-inch laptops, it seems too small for the larger 17-inch laptop. 3-inch laptops.
The High Sierra Access backpack is a great bag especially suitable for use as a backpack or for traveling.
This is good.
Made of durable nylon fabric, the size is very light.
Access knapsack is one of the most durable backpacks.
Able to handle heavy books and heavy groceries in shops.
The versatility makes this package as effective as a daypack, a package for a short hike.
It is much more comfortable than many bags on the market, even if not as comfortable as a dedicated backpack bag.
Also, it is easy to adjust to make it comfortable for both women and most men.
There is a hip strap for extra comfort.
The hip strap is well made and it is comfortable even with more than 50 lbs of books pressed down.
It also comes with a unique shoulder strap \"suspension system\" that makes you very comfortable.
The bag gently rests on your shoulder.
It comes with a well
Padded laptop covers make it easy to fit a 17-inch laptop, while also leaving plenty of room for other items.
The handy clip on the sleeve makes it easy to tie the smaller laptop without letting it jump around.
There is a special media/gadget pocket on the front with a nice organizing panel inside.
Great for pencils, bus schedules, combs, flat stuff.
It also has a pocket for an mp3/cd player.
The right side of the bag is an easy-to-adjust mesh pocket that can be used to store water bottles, snacks and anything you need.
It would be great if there was a second pocket like this on the other side too.
Although not waterproof, it comes with rain cover and you can use it to protect your backpack if you encounter bad weather.
Its price tag makes it a great choice for returning students.
Targus Drifter II backpack is one of the best 17-inch laptop backpacks on the market.
Elegant looking bag, not ugly at all.
This backpack can accommodate up to 17 laptops. 3 inches.
Among other features, it has multiple zip pockets, file storage space, and two side water bottle pockets.
The bag is made of very durable nylon material that can be beaten, a special water
Resistant to bottom, durable metal accents and zipper pulls.
Not only is it such a big bag, but there is a lot of space available.
The clever use of many mini inner pockets is mainly placed on the upper part of the main pocket.
Not only does this take advantage of the normally wasted upper area, but it\'s also easy to get to whatever is put in it.
Staps makes it very comfortable to carry.
Elasticity helps prevent the straps from falling off your shoulders.
The handle on the top is sturdy and well anchored, and you can confidently use the handle to move my bag even when fully loaded.
In addition, for extra comfort, the back of this backpack is equipped with a breathable mesh plate that provides a comfortable carrying experience and comes with a durable backpack strap designed to balance the weight of the bag.
Great laptop backpack!
View all the content it can hold in the video below.
Case Logic RBP-
117 is one of the best laptop backpacks you can buy.
This bag is easy to put in even the most bulky 17 th.
A 3-inch laptop with a special sleeve for tablets and iPads.
In terms of comfort, there are several points to make this bag a very comfortable bag for daily use.
The size of this bag is very light.
Still, the bag is very strong. The high-
High quality nylon and
The density of the twill cloth makes it very resistant to wear and tear.
The compression strap ensures that the bag fits your body comfortably and keeps everything tightly attached to your body.
The straps are specially designed to accommodate changes in load carrying and climate change.
Enjoy easy access to all areas with elegant tissue panels and spacious master compartments, complete with mesh zip pockets and other pockets of all sizes.
In terms of maintenance-
OK, you don\'t need to worry about this bag if it\'s dirty because it\'s machine washed.
It keeps it in shape with little wear and tear.
It is also equipped with some nice extras such as storage bags for necessities such as passports and wallets, as well as sunglasses bags at the top.
There\'s a lower one
Extra space located on the lower back.
For example, one person mentioned using it in their portable charger power bank and they charge the phone when I\'m out.
Overall, this is a great backpack for professionals who need a bag that is easy to travel and get in and out of stressful places.
You will be impressed by how useful this will prove to be and the condition of the package, even if it has been in use for more than a few years.
It\'s definitely a bag that doesn\'t need to be handled gently, and it can handle quite a bit of abuse with ease.
See how spacious this backpack is in the video below! A Luggage-
Style laptop backpack: The Samsonite baggage Xenon 2 backpack is a very popular bag and is perfect for many people.
This is a backpack with a laptop case, an adjustable storage system that provides custom accessories for a variety of laptops under 17.
Its main features include: the front pocket organizer, the pocket of the tablet, and other pockets that suit your business needs.
Two secure zippers on the sidestash pockets.
A good bag at a higher price.
For more information about this package, please check the video review below.
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