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thanks to the queen neon sales have risen 137%. here\'s how to wear it the grown-up way

by:GF bags     2019-08-13
You might think neon lights are No.
Once your highlighter enters the area
The crop ended at the top of the day.
But the Queen seems to have convinced her loyal people.
As the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday, in the past week, JD Williams saysit, a commercial street retailer, sold 134% bright green items, the sale of a green dress is similar to the Queen\'s birthday dress, with a seven-fold jump.
I believe sales in other stores have also increased.
Nor will it stop on the bright lime;
Sales of bright pink apparel increased by 107%, and sales of bright orange apparel increased by 69%.
If your majesty\'s recent attitude towards the neon hotel has aroused your interest, you need to know something.
Let\'s be clear that wearing neon lights doesn\'t mean any day.
Glo, also does not include supplementing your appearance in any carnival way --up.
Instead, think of neon lights as a cheerful extension of the brightest palette in the summer, or as a replacement for strong printing.
It may be an undisguised boldness, but if the Queen can put it on, then you can.
Here\'s how to stand out in neon this summer. . . .
Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Association, may be spotted a mile away in London. vis green top (above).
Look at her other outfits, though.
The reason for her three months.
Crew length-
All her other clothes are black.
There was no conflict of color at all, there was a wire of metal flash on her strap, and her handbag was not fastened.
Wear your own neon lights with a blank canvas (
Navy or black is the starting point for failure safety)
And keep the accessories to a minimum.
Although you might like a happy color mix and match
In the carnival tent in Glasto, your colleagues will not feel friendly about wearing sunglasses around you.
Clever color contrast will make you fully feel the popular trend of neon lights.
For example, Queen Elizabeth nailed a purple flower on the edge of her green hat.
This is a bold look, completely unexpected after 90 s. year-old.
Fun unions like this will shake your eyes, but highlight your fashion reason --
It takes a confident dresser to mess up the fluorine. A neon cross-
As Linda Tolle, the Dutch blogger, shows, the body bag immediately brings a monotonous look, and she relies on a small Paula cadmacson bag to decorate the navy overalls.
However, keeping the bag tight, the idea is that the accessories will act as neat punctuation marks on the clothing, not occupy the center of the stage.
White plimsolos may be de rigueur, but you have to admit that it would be very interesting to wear a pair of neon shoes.
Looking for traditional running shoes
Nike\'s popular Roche style has a variety of shades to customize-
Wearing a loose, smallest suit.
Once you get tired of them, they will look just as good in the gym.
Bright yellow and light pink sounds less likely to be the same bed, but blogger Susie Bubble shows they can contribute to a very feminine duo.
The key is not to experiment with this color on heavy fabrics.
Like Suzy\'s laser, look for clothes with plenty of light and strong mobility
Cut clothes, for an interesting look, instead of shouting at the color. J.
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