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ten backpacks for grownups: a buyer\'s guide

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
Summer is the equipment season.
You need sunscreen and towels if you are going to the beach.
You need a laptop and a blanket if you are going to work outside.
Or your camera, sneakers, a bottle of water, a very small dog. whatever.
In any case, you need a versatile carry-on to overcome these challenges.
My suggestion: consider the fashion backpack.
One can be compact and minimal, or can be cave-like, covered in a pocket.
Some, leather beauties like Tom Ford and Balenciaga, can be as expensive as your lady\'s favorite bag.
Other feature volumes like chrome
At the top, it\'s a cheap replacement for the passe messenger bag.
The main idea, however, is --lucky for us—
They are not just for boys and fitness mice.
So here are 10 new summer options.
No matter what type you are, you must suit your style. The multi-
Give this bag an old-fashioned military look using pockets and olive green material.
It\'s structured enough to separate things, but big enough to swallow clothes and books from the gym --
Or a field jacket and hiking shoes.
Style tip: Wear with a white T-shirt
Shirts and rough jeans in summer. ($270, www. marcjacobs. com)A. P. C.
The Indigo denim features a traditional fashion backpack with leather trim and a simple round zip top.
The size is medium and the style is angry.
Style tip: Slim Fit khaki pants and baseball cap. ($220, usonline. apc. fr)
This black calf backpack looks small and clean, but it has interesting details such as a side-tilted top cover, magnetic snap and a slim silver buckle on the strap.
Style tip: wear all white. ($1,765 Barnes department storecom)
This is the bag of City Warriors, Messenger-
Someone who wants to be a boy, or a casual camper.
It\'s tight with the roll-
The top is closed with extra hanging handles and multi-function vertical straps.
Style tip: wear when climbing mountains. (
$100. com)
Yes, it\'s expensive, but it\'s fashionable.
When you are tired, you can pass this on to your godson.
The top is discrete round, perfectly offsetting the large gold zipper and gold D ring buckle below.
Style tip: Dress in sleeveless. (Tomford, $2,950com)
It looks small, but this cognac leather and woven bag is large enough to accommodate laptops, extra magazines and power chords.
The adjustable straps are covered with leather and soft Japanese straps.
Style tip: wear any navy. (
$525. com)
If you want something blue and real, here\'s an option.
Bally mony backpack is made in Italy
Spanish leather.
It is independent and modern, but there is a cotton lining inside and enough space to store personal items.
Style tip: with a soft red jumper. ($1,395, bally. com)
Wear this when you want something that looks retro, feels luxurious, and is as practical as a canvas.
It is traditional, in moderate form, but the soft leather body and the unique features of Japanese tradition.
Style tip: wear it with a crisp button-down shirt. ($635, cledran. com)
This double interior
The fashion backpack is huge.
Lining with twill
There are small pockets in front for storing mobile phones and wallets;
There will be rain gear on the outside Band.
Fashion tip: wear designer sportswear and Nike sneakers. ($840, mrporter. com)
Think of this as a complex choice for people who are complex: there are four small external pockets in the front and double buckles on the top.
The exterior of cognac suede leather is decorated with tone leather.
Style tip: dress with slim fit and black. ($2,490 Barnes department storecom)
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