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teeny tiny handbag becomes a fashion sensation

by:GF bags     2019-09-14
Paris (AFP)-
It\'s a small joke and it can only accommodate one Tic Tac.
But the French brand jacquemus\'s \"Le Mini Chiquito\" bag y weeny bag is arguably the biggest thing at Paris Fashion Week.
There was never such a small thing that made fashion passion so exciting. -and hilarity --
On social media. The handbag --
Or should we say finger packs? -
The opening night of last week\'s performance in Paris made its debut.
The miniature version, which has already worshipped $500 (440-euro)
Package \"Le Chiquito\"-
People like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian were found holding them with their thumb and index finger-it is a mere 5. 2 centimetres (two inches)long.
Jacquemus sold the \"tens of thousands\" Le Chiquito bag last year, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, and fashionistas are so eager to get their fingers that there is a long list waiting for some color.
Although the brand told AFP that they have not yet priced Le Mini Chiquito, the demand may be equally active if there is any progress in the response on Instagram and Twitter.
People in the fashion industry have been laughing at themselves because they have caught up with the latest trend in the small country. -
It\'s ridiculous, but we love them.
Trendy fashion magazine Dazed claims \"Jacquemus, your small bags are a bit ridiculous, but we love them!
Elle magazine titled it \"the new it pack\" and then quickly admitted that it can only fit AirPod headphones.
A fashion editor posted on Twitter five uses of the bag, including about 1999 of \"loose floss removed from Jude Low\'s head, spare acrylic nails
Another said it was \"the perfect size for probiotics and enzymes\", while the third thought it would be a comfortable choice for \"Donald Trump\'s conscience.
The package has inspired the imagination of Twitter and Instagram users.
Some people see hidden in the depths of its tiny interior and say it\'s a dreamer and you have to \"whisper a secret\" while others say it \"represents what we carry with us every day\"Jacquemus\' 29-year-
The old founder, Simon Porte, soon became famous at the Paris fashion show, and his costume evokes the appeal of his Provence family in the South of France, putting on a huge straw hat for women, wear a small dress showing your thighs.
His personal charm and the relatively affordable price of his brand quickly won his attention.
He made breakfast for critics at the men\'s wear show in January and presented a new micro-bag to some fashion critics to invite them to his latest show.
Potter, who likes to play proportional games, first made a splash with his huge womens tote bags bag and backpack, some of which also appeared next to Le Mini Chiquito in his Paris show.
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