Team Building on Christmas Eve

To strengthen the team culture construction, enhance team cohesion and enrich staff life, our company decided to hold team building on Christmas Eve, all of us in Business Department and our boss’s daughter and son, and her friends participated in the team building.

­We went OCT Harbour Shenzhen to have dinner at Butterfly Dream Music Restaurant.

At the scene, we talked while eating, and there are resident singers singing in this restaurant, so we can listen music as well. All of us and our friends Udo, his girlfriend Jenny, uncle Mo and CaiCai are very happy. At the same time, our General Manager Assistant Veronica helped us take a lot of photos. Thanks a lot.

At the dinner, we toasted and blessed each other. We hope our company will be better and everyone is happy and smooth. The follow photo, you can see how much we drink.

At last, we finished dinner, and our General Manager Assistant Veronica ordered some desserts for us. They are very cute and delicious. We are very happy! It’s an awesome day!

This is a very successful team building. After this team building, our ream become more united and kindly. Good luck in the year ahead! Merry Christmas!

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