Tactical Gear

Military tool bag nylon fabric zipper closure

Common fabrics such as nylon and canvas can be made into camouflage effect. Camouflage patterns are printed after fabric make out. Fabric printing has common printing and active printing. Active printing fixes color more firmly which can be washed without fading. Camouflage fabrics used in Gaofeng are all printed through active printing.

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Military backpack hard shell with zipper closure

Polypropylene and Polycarbonate are the main materials of hard shell box. Polypropylene has lower thermal distortion temperature (100C), low transparency, low gloss and low rigidity, but it has stronger impact strength; Polypropylene has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and chemical corrosion resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance; Polypropylene also has self-extinguishing. Flame retardant, non-toxic, colorable and other advantages.

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