GF‘s Sustainability

At GF bags, we are passionate about sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. Working closely
with our Euro customers, we have embraced eco-friendly practices throughout our production processes.
Here are some key sustainability metrics that demonstrate our dedication to protecting the planet.

Recycled Materials Usage

1. Each year, we produce 1000000+ bags using 100% recycledmaterials.
2. By utilizing recycled materials, we save 600000+ treesfrom being cut down.

Ethical Labor Practices

We prioritize ethical labor practices, guaranteeing fair treatment, including wages, safety, and rights protection for our workers. This fosters just and socially responsible workplaces, centered on enhancing employee well-being.

Eco-Friendly Production Process and Packaging

The cutting bed saves materials to the greatest extent, including environmentally friendly glue, environmentally friendly packaging materials, and special recycling of waste materials.