Survey: Less Than One Percent Of Pedestrians Gots 50 Cent For The Bus

by:GF bags     2019-09-11
DETROIT-less than 1% of Americans, according to a survey released by the American beggars Association on MondayS.
It costs 50 cents for pedestrians to take the bus.
Detroit President Nate Braxton said: \"Despite the current economic boom, we found that ordinary people on the street don\'t have 50 cents to take the bus.
The largest coalition of beggars, migrants and Street watchers in the United States, headquartered in APA.
\"It\'s confusing why he didn\'t get any changes.
After all, given the strong state of the US economy, you would think he has something extra to help a person \"cross town \".
\"In the survey, APA members from 15 major regions of the United StatesS.
The city expressed their bus.
On busy downtown sidewalks, park benches and glass, more than 2,700 pedestrians need a fare
Closed entrance to McDonald\'s restaurant. In 99.
In 7% of the cases, the pedestrians replied that they were sorry, but they didn\'t even have a quarter.
\"What\'s the matter with that? Ask Braxton.
\"Wall Street has gone through one of the biggest ongoing bull markets in history, but can no one get a change so I can get a job in the West End?
Where is all the money? \"Ray-
Ray, a APA researcher who worked 120 hours at a corner in downtown Atlanta in January, found that not only did no one actually get 50 cents for the D line, almost no one can spare 1. 0 yuan for something to eat.
\"I made it clear to the people I came in contact with that, even if not much, I would certainly thank them for anything they got,\" Ray-Ray said.
\"I also made it clear that the money was not for drinking or for buying drugs.
But no luck.
Obviously, no one can help a person.
\"If one can\'t even find 1. 0 money for the bus,\" Ray-
Ray continued, \"how much money does he have for me to go to Cleveland or do surgery for my child?
\"According to experts, the lack of change in the pockets of Americans may be a disturbing indicator of future economic difficulties.
Randall Faber, an economist at Wharton Business School, said: \"Just like in their 20 s, Americans live now, spending money is as fast as making money . \".
\"They bought beautiful leather shoes and leather bags, but they didn\'t even have cash.
With few people looking to budget in the future, the collapse seems almost inevitable.
\"Despite ominous economic forecasts, Braxton says he is trying to focus his attention on the positive side.
\"It\'s true that it\'s almost impossible to find a 50-cent guy,\" said Braxton . \" \"But statistics show that if the old shoes of APA members were hit, nearly 3% of pedestrians would get 5 to 10 cents to buy a new pair of shoes, when the member explained that the shoes needed, so that he could do the job that this guy, Ed Wilson, lined up for him, the average amount of donations doubled.
\"Pleased with the success of its research, if not the result, APA will conduct another survey later this year on shocking poverty times --
Pedestrian management skills.
\"In our study, when we try to collect demographic information from pedestrians, such as where they came from or where they were going, we find that very few Americans have a minute to come and talk,\" said Braxton.
\"In fact, some people are so rushed and time --
They didn\'t even have time to admit that we asked them a question.
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