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by:GF bags     2019-08-21
Name: Erin sousaoccution: Founder of Sparkle MediaPersonal style, one sentence: comfortable social on Instagram.
You see: Ellin\'s costume?
Here are a few options to help you recreate it.
JeansErin shows it\'s better than OK (and stylish)
Wear white after Labor Day
The key is to add elements that feel the transition, such as long vests.
Remember, white jeans can get dirty faster than other jeans, which means these denim outfits may not be the best option to buy a pair of jeans.
Instead, consider choosing more budgets.
A friendly pair like this
Rose Rockstar jeans (
Which one did Irene wear! )
So when/if you spill something on them, you don\'t feel like the squeeze is bad. Old Navy | $49.
50 toteA rich cognac tote bags are a work bag in almost every woman\'s closet.
Whether you are reading books on your way to and from school or transporting all the tech accessories essentials between work and home, brown pebble faux leather womens tote bags bags like Remi Reid\'s Tima toteof brown are sure to be a quick closet staple.
Indigo | $ 120The sandalsSeptember is almost the last month we are allowed to wear sandals.
Even so, it will be hit and missed.
But it won\'t let us show a little toe in the early autumn.
Slide into the classic style in cool silver tones and twist like these birkenstock. ShoeMe.
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