steve vizard backs simon beasley

by:GF bags     2019-09-10
Scoop: Steve Wizzard defended Simon Beasley, his best friend in trouble, the millionaire betting company.
Just three years after Vizard received Beasley\'s support after admitting insider trading charges, former TV show funnyman said he would support his close friends.
52-year-old Beasley, who admitted the hidden stakes were allegedly worth $6, faced the loss of his four-year gambling licence.
5 million and destroy the evidence that he will investigate the treatment of him by the life and racing authorities.
But this week, Vizard paid a warm personal tribute to Beasley, who stood in the position of his bookmaker, Fleming, while waiting for fate.
\"Our family has been through our low point and he supports us very much.
\"I will never forget that,\" Vizard talked about his troubles at the time of the Telstra director after admitting insider trading in 2006.
At that time, vizad, wife Sarah and children Stephanie, Thomas, Madeline, James and Olivia went on a Greek holiday with Beasley, wife Merry and the children of Georgia, Emily and William.
They took a ship called Galaxy from Mykonos to Rhodes to Islamabad and then Naples.
\"When things get tough, he will ask you for a breakfast, a cup of coffee or a walk just to cheer you up,\" Vizard said . \".
\"Berza is the kind of guy you want to be in the trenches with you.
He will cheer you up and will never ask you to do something he won\'t do and be ready to support you in a crisis.
\"I think he\'s one of the most loyal and trustworthy people I \'ve ever met.
\"I don\'t say that easily.
If you can entrust your child to another man, as I did with Beza, then you know how loyal and trustworthy you are to this person.
\"Vizard said that the racing investigation would never damage their relationship and he knew it would not affect any relationship Beasley had with his partner and colleagues.
\"You will not meet a more sincere partner than beizar.
\"Now there is something wrong with his life and I will support him,\" he said . \".
Vizard said that Beasley\'s gym team has Australian Airways director Lee Clifford and CSL lab owner Dr. Brian mcnamo on Monday and Friday, and they continue to work together and keep close friends.
\"No one fell,\" he said . \"
Beasley acknowledged two allegations that he allegedly concealed about 1450 bets worth about $6.
Turnover from 2006 to 5 million was 2008 and attempts were made to destroy evidence related to the October 21 flight attendant investigation.
Critics say the racing industry has spent two and a half years chasing Beasley, hoping to recover about $30,000 in controversial taxes.
However, it is possible for the Australian revenue service to accept Victoria\'s evidence and prosecute criminal cases with many severe penalties.
The tax bureau has confirmed that it monitors compliance \"risk identification\" from third parties and media reports \".
As directed by lawyer Damian Sheales, Beasley declined to discuss the current racing investigation and any potential results.
But he said \"the level of support is incredible \".
\"My old friend from Perth, a classmate from Guildford Grammar, has been in touch.
The best man at my wedding, now the Queen\'s lawyer in Perth, called to encourage me, \"Beasley said.
Michael neitlefu, who was appointed chief executive of St Kilda Football Club, also kept in touch with him.
His wife feliciti and merry Beasley were lifelong friends who grew up together.
\"Chris Lucas, the owner of the plant Inn, John The Ross Field brothers and John O\'Neal mark, the owner of the horse, and his partner Lee Friedman are all great supporters, Beasley said: \"It inspired me. \".
\"We have experienced a lot together. we are friends.
\"Through this, they are very supportive,\" he said . \".
Wizzard is one of several prominent Victorian figures supporting Beasley.
President Collingwood Eddie McGuire also supported Beasley\'s position in the community.
Both have helped the Trevor Barker Foundation, a charity that helps families of children with cancer.
\"Simon\'s driving helped maintain the TBF.
\"When a lot of people give up the cause, his dedication to the cause ensures that the cause continues to flourish,\" McGuire said . \".
As one of Melbourne\'s largest racing and sports betting companies, Beasley earns about $60 million a year.
He drove a lot of cars.
The Mercedes S500, which loves $272,000, is a director of three companies ---
Ryder, Delma Park and the Victorian country betting company guarantee.
He\'s with his wife.
With a luxurious nanyarra apartment, there are only two doors to his local botanical garden fountain.
He shared shares in another property with McGuire and former Saints leader Don Hanly.
He was recently seen in medieval social circles.
Host a themed event and party with Andrew Lloyd Webb at Royal Ascot, London.
Beasley celebrated his 50 th birthday at a hawburn pizza restaurant, crying in front of his wife and daughter, by a surprise stripper serenade named Cleopatra.
Beasley often socialize with coach David Hayes, son Nick of Lloyd Williams, former president Rod batters of St. Kilda, hudario Andrew mcmanas, and other Melbourne
Behind the scenes, however, he worked tirelessly for charity.
Vizard says it\'s no coincidence that Beasley will get support from every corner of the community.
He said that he would not give a new opportunity to a person and would not have a week.
\"His father came from Perth and was at a loss, so he sent him to the office and asked him to do some strange work just to make him feel necessary.
Vizard says most people don\'t know about Beasley\'s charity.
\"There won\'t be a week when he doesn\'t do two or three charity events, lion, rotary or school events, and all free events.
\"For what he does, he may ask for a lot of money, but he does it to help raise money for those who need it.
\"He has coached the gladiators, auctioneers, sponsors, drivers, scorers and orange boys of Glen Ellis.
\"Nothing is too much trouble, and he\'s not a big deal --
He is a top athlete.
\"It is important for me that he is a great family member.
On Sunday morning, he went to pralan for a cricket match and scored for his son, Will\'s team.
He drove the kids everywhere.
\"He is not a complaining person.
He is one of the most optimistic people in life. \"The Beasley-
Vizard link goes back a long time ago.
Their wife went to school together.
When Beasley first arrived in Melbourne from Perth in 1983, a young staff member of the law firm drafted a contract with a football player --
The clerk is Steve Wizzard.
Beasley played 154 games and played 575 goals for Footscray, winning the league\'s leading goalkicker Medal in 1985.
Bulldogs\'s great Hobie Hawkins said that although they came to \"Piman Simon\" from the other side of the track, they succeeded.
\"We are very different people.
When he showed up, he had a BMW, pin-
\"Striped suits and leather briefcase,\" says Hawkins . \"\"I thought, \'S--
Who is this guy?
His hair is white and his skin is white.
I think, \'he will never succeed in the Bulldog team.
He has no hope.
But he was dressed beautifully.
He is a bit of a character and can laugh and joke.
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