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by:GF bags     2019-08-11
Want to come out in fashion this fall?
In this week\'s \"early autumn fashion festival\" series, \"early morning show\" shared the cut of this season --
The Edge looks like you can do it yourself.
On Tuesday, Elise Loehnen, editor of Lucky magazine, shared the hottest shoes and bags in the fall.
Loehnen said that over the past few years, we have seen platform shoes dominate the runway, and big bags elegantly decorate the arms of Hollywood\'s hottest stars.
But what are the trends this year? -
What new can we expect?
Harris Lorne interrupted Google cloud service outage missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters say the biggest surprise of the season is that you can be on a very classic, elegant site
Nice looking bag with leather or fancy-
There are hardware in addition to other designs.
\"In the past, more affordable brands focused on fashion spins, but now they are also doing very classic shapes,\" she said.
\"At Lucky, Loehnen said they saw hundreds of shoes and bags in a season and they would pick and produce the guide to shoes and bags for the fall of the year, highlighting the biggest trend at all prices.
She said it was never easy to buy bags and shoes ---
Especially online.
You can go to sites like endless and pepper, sort by various imaginable categories, and narrow down the perfect package for you, she said.
What must be
Do you have shoes and handbags this season?
\"Must,\" said Le.
Shoes are ankle boots.
Is it a little rough-and-
Tumbling or slightly 80 seconds-
Even the Victorian era-
You can wear it as a heel or a boot, which means you will get a lot of work out of it.
Also, Loehnen said they saw a lot moreFunction package.
Women may just throw the money in one bag instead of multiple options, she said, so there are oversized clutch during the day and at night, and satchels will fold and turn into bags at night.
\"There are a lot of new innovations,\" she said . \"
However, must
Have bags that suit you and your needs.
\"In this economic environment,\" she said, \"You really should put your money into something you will use all the time ---
So it\'s time to evaluate what your requirements are and what your package used to be.
\"For example, if you only carry huge satellites, then you need something on the motorcycle --y category.
If you like a proper handbag and make everything super organized, then you need a handbag, says Loehnen.
Loehnen shared the look of these hot packs and shoe drops on The Early Show: super feminine/40 years old: We saw a lot of structured work packs and the right shorthandled purses.
Loehnen says she likes this one from Kate Spade.
She says the pink patent is really popular, but still looks very elegant.
These bags are perfect when paired with T-
With sandals or classic platform pumps, according to Loehnen.
She added that L. A. M. B.
Great sandals.
So colorful and statementmaking -
The price is $300, but you can also choose a cheaper style.
She also said, don\'t be afraid, you can wear sandals with tights (
As shown in the model).
Bag: pink patent, Kate Spade, $345, blue suede, Talbots, $149 ivory leather, Brahman, $255, silver, BCBG, $128 calvin Klein, $98, gold toe pump, DKNY, $275 purple t-
Belt, report signature, $195 + t-strap, L. A. M. B. , $299.
The look of 95 Mackenzie: Bag: Kipling, $178, Shoes: Kate Spade, $300, McKenzie is wearing a super feminine style that makes people forever
The popularity of crazy men.
She is elegant, buckled, but still completely feminine.
Here we will have a short handle wallet and t-
Lace sandals with exquisite but workmanship-
The right look.
The trend is very interesting, says Slow.
\"It\'s completely avant-garde, but it\'s still brightly colored, sissy,\" she said . \".
She said that taking this off is the right shape ---
You should pair up with more people. the-
Top accessories, more simple appearance.
Folding luggage is the coolest and most practical trend we see, she added.
It\'s basically two bags.
You can use it as a womens tote bags bag, she explains, and it\'s big and fits everything.
Then in the evening, she said, you can fold it over as a clutch or shoulder.
\"It was fun from day to night,\" she said . \".
Then the clutch.
She said some of the great options were a little too big and bright ---
Perfect accent for a basic outfit.
As for the shoes, Loehnen said, excessivethe-
Knee-long boots are making a comeback.
\"They\'re sexy and flirting,\" she said . \" She added that you should make sure to wear a tight pair of pants with them so that you don\'t add volume to your calves.
Bag: clutch and foldoverGrey roll fold, overlap, fortune, $199, black roll fold, overlap, Guess, $125, snake leather clutch, Mark, $ Month, suede clutch, 1980s, shoes: brown boots: Dolce Vita, $337, Lin Junjie winters, $352 ,(over the knee)
Black boots: Sam Edelman, $275 ,(over the knee)
Madison Harding: Madison Harding, $275 ,(ankle boots)
Hilton Footwear, $149 ,(ankle boots)
Model Indira: Indira is wearing casual weekend clothes.
Loehnen says the oversized sweater and jeans legs are perfect with gray boots and red bags.
Loehnen said she looked casual and was a bit \"post-80 \". the-
Shoulder stripes, but these accessories are actually completely practical.
Loehnen says it looks easier than you think.
Bag: $78, City emojis: Guess, $199, rough/tough. We saw everything from the funky motorcycle to the outdoor/rough.
These shoes and bags take you to know the trends, Loehnen said.
Loehnen starts with a rope bag.
It\'s a classic, she says, also known as a barrel bag.
We have seen the zip bag or tote bag for a long time, and the feeling of autumn is very new, she said.
The barrel bag is dirty and useful, she says, but make sure it\'s not too big ---
You don\'t want to throw too much into it.
The backpack is now going through a huge moment, she added.
Loehnen says it may feel like school.
Girl, but actually, it\'s hip and practical to spend a day in town.
She added that it has a wide variety of external pockets as well as a wide variety of ways of holding.
Bags: Backpack & drawstrings BagsGreen/Brown drawstrings, Etienne Igna, $88, date red drawstrings, Michael Kors, $348, brown backpack, canvas backpack, fairson, $245 shoes-lace up
Black motorcycle boots, Madewell, $230 Brown motorcycle boots, Via Spiga, $ 298Tan suede lace-
Sam Edelman, $169 brown leather lace-
Dolce Vita, the model for $198, the shape of Michele: Michele shows the shape of the motorcyclist and shows us how to match these shoes and bags.
She looks new in a tough vest, paired with her motorcycle boots and a rope bag.
Also, Loehnen says you can even match these boots with something more feminine and believe me they will be a staple.
She suggests you play with them and have them work for you.
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