st. regis teams up with jason wu to target fashionable jet-setters

by:GF bags     2019-08-21
In a world where luxury hotels begin to emulate fashion designer studios, it\'s not surprising that more brands work with top designers to create exclusive offers for their guests.
We \'ve seen partners like Hilton and Vivienne Tam, the Dorchester series and Teatum Jones, as well as the recent Diane von Furstenberg
Penthouse Suites designed on a private island in Australia.
Now another fashion tycoon has joined the ranks of luxury life.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
The Regis brand will work with fashion designer Jason Wu to provide limited services to consumers
Edition womens tote bags bag designed for St. Regis.
As part of a new big travel world tourism project from Starwood, the big travel package issued a serious statement: it retails for $1,995 and is only available for purchase through St.
Red Tower and Jason Wu.
Designer Pack is part of a new brand campaign to help St.
Regis touches a new generation of travelers with luxury, fashion and a unique experience.
The new big tour is St. Regis-
Only offers promotions for packages at top destinations.
The new world tour will launch a new hotel in Aspen, CO;
Port FL bar; Florence; Doha, Qatar; Abu Dhabi; Mauritius;
Sanya Longwan, Shenzhen, Tianjin (China). St.
The original Regis Grande packages package, which debuted only in Europe, offers a culinary experience and special gifts to showcase each destination.
Travelers now have the option to bring their new Grand Tourista shoulder womens tote bags bag with special emphasis on luxury jetssetting.
According to the luxury Daily, the bag itself is a black and white houndrel pattern with a black decoration of calf leather on canvas.
Inside there are two Jason Wu signature gray pockets designed for the tablet
Books and passports. The St.
The Regis logo is embossed on the interior leather decoration, echoing the flagship hotel in New York.
\"Jason Wu of St.
Regis Connoisseur has created a travel bag that meets the needs of our global guests who travel as much as entertainment and need tools to keep in touch with iPod, iPad, camera, MacBook Pro, \"says Paul James, global brand leader at St. James.
St. Regis New York. St.
Regis and Jason Wu already have a partnership where you can find his travel tips directly on St. Regis\' website.
In addition, St.
Regis plans to launch a new online retail boutique here where you can buy exclusive handbags.
Reader: What do you think of the new St?
Is Regis in partnership with Jason Wu?
Correction: you don\'t have to wait until December to purchase the package from St.
Website of Regis or Jason Wu.
The package is currently available for pre-
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