Spring\'s handbags all about color

by:GF bags     2019-08-21
In the past, the \"It\" package was an oversized logo --Hardware devices-loaded must-have.
This spring it is a smaller, simpler handbag with a neat look and no obvious branding and decor.
But don\'t call these bags shy.
Although they welcome back very much. to-
Basic shapes of various leather from soft to structured, they are very brighta wake-
The spring is coming on the phone.
\"After all, spring is about color,\" said the New York fashion director . \"
A consumer-focused company
Based on sales trends.
She called this season\'s Lady \"totes\", \"clutches\", \"cross\"
\"Modest\" handbags, the ripple effect of the stylish and dignified dress outline, look fresh and modern bold tones.
\"Handbags have to follow,\" she said . \"
\"This is a sign of returning to the lady\'s dress. the design is simple-and propriety.
What women want is the trend, and the handbag is the most striking.
It also shows her taste.
The handbag expert Julian Gold said she was happy to see more bags that were reduced in size and light weight because \"women complain about the weight of the big style.
Many women have shoulder problems.
\"She\'s a fan of a stripped-of-hardware bag, bare but pretty.
\"The Cleaner look is always better and more popular.
Of course, there is still a stimulus.
Looking for handbags there, but even these bags are reduced in size and decoration.
The fashion director of Neiman Marcus said, but not in color.
Spring\'s high-pressure handbag palette, he says, is \"anything is OK \"--
From coordinating bright colors to conflicting colors to color collages within a single handbag.
He predicted Orange \"because it\'s the new middle color of spring.
Orange matches everything, and when paired with purple and red, the color enters the fall effortlessly.
He said, \"the function is also the most important,\" he said this season more bags than in the past, the specific pocket of the phone
Reader or mini tablet.
\"The handbag is also showing off duality,\" he said, as in a clutch with hidden straps that can be used as a crossoverbody style.
Julian King\'s Newberry says there are more shoulder straps, exposed and hidden in almost every bag.
\"Most designers go back to their archives to see what works really well and they are reshaping the style,\" she said . \"There is no body bag.
1 seller in boutique.
She also noticed that more women bought one: a handbag for work, and another \"handbag for parties or errands \".
\"The online video writer and local stylist of the fashion tips website said the shift to handbag minimalism was due to\" The designer felt that in our uncertain financial times the oversized statement pack was not appropriate.
\"I think these huge statement packs have been around for years now and they are now becoming more subtle and refined.
Eventually, she said, \"I\'m trying to find a multi-functional bag and I can wear a lot of different clothes. . .
Handbags must be a combination of fashion and functionality.
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