Spring handbags bring back the backpack and bucket bag

by:GF bags     2019-09-25
Like spring pastel and simple sportswear, this is the most popular style of the season.
The desired affordable handbags was cleaned with a gentle design and a pale pink, green and blue color palette.
However, because fashion is democratic, handbags with extra personality are also popular: rivets on structured handbags, stripes on oblique crossbody, and oversized clutch on snake skin.
Others have metal, Lafia, suede lint, bold prints and colors from pure white to dark blue.
Considering your considerations, the fashion backpack wallet and bucket bag and the mix of the two are expected to be game changers.
\"For spring, bags with practical appeal and durability are definitely inside.
They look cool and you can hang them up and continue your casual lifestyle, \"said a spokeswoman for Neiman Marcus in San Antonio.
Trend experts at the New York fashion forecasting company Worth Global Style Network said that the big separation from sportswear is spring, and the corresponding handbags and fashion backpack wallets are also very large.
\"I think these styles and other styles resonate with women because the impact of sports on fashion has been important since last fall,\" Aimette said . \".
\"In fact, they are classic silhouettes that give a relaxed feel.
A national spokeswoman for Dillard said other multi-function packages include satchel, oblique bags, and small chic silhouettes farther than the oversized ones --
Yes, there are some people.
The past few seasons
Beth Kanfer, fashion director for accessories at the store, said the structured womens tote bags bag features more decorations such as edges, fur, laser cutting and stones.
And all that\'s necessary.
Almost every bag has inside pockets for mobile phones, electronics
Reader or mini tablet
There are three, she said.
\"Women carry ipod, mobile phone and other electronic products, so the handbag needs to have the function.
\"Women\'s bags are more than just a fashion statement,\" Houston said.
The affordable handbags designer, who owns the San Antonio boutique, opened a store last month on tony Madison Avenue, New York.
\"Handbags are bags that most women can\'t leave, and the bright-colored update of the trapeze styling is a new way to carry the trend,\" she said . \".
At Julian Gold, handbag experts say other important trends include striped, animal prints, calf hair and soft Italian leather with butter.
\"Now, the nails on the bag and the metal tone are almost Basic.
But handbags without signs and hardware are equally notable.
Said Herrera Salazar.
\"It\'s there if you want a clean chic look.
The same is true for bags with military influence and other bags with some decorations --
Because a affordable handbags can tell people about your personality. rsonality. ”
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