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by:GF bags     2019-08-09
All the content of the Fendi 2011 series is about the shirt designer.
Fendi started 2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Week on the second day of Milan fashion week, focusing on this perennial fashion, combining leisure and customization.
Today\'s version of the shirt, which was launched on Thursday, has a soft lantern sleeve and a colored belt at the waist.
Flowers and geometric patterns are everywhere, but the most popular new pattern is \"cappuccino\", similar to coffee stains on the tablecloth.
Overall, the summer series is fresh and feminine, with loose pants at the ankles and a soft top on the knees
The length of the skirt, as well as the countless waist and below the dignified waist dressthe-knee hemline.
The ventilation of this series is due to the technical process of rubber fabrics.
Nylon suction cup and stamped organza in woven leather.
While Karl Lagerfeld\'s design genius has driven Fendi\'s success story for decades, the accessories department has been given a new life for the second time.
The daughter of the Fendi generation, founding sister Anna, Sylvia Fendi vincenny.
With her \"baguette\" bag, she brings a new twist to the iconic double F of leather clothing.
For this round, she introduced the fashion media
Red, blue and green bump-colored shoulder bags, handbags and hand bags on a brown leather background.
The latest Fendi shoes, whether wood, leather or cork, have a moderate heel.
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