Some States Cancel Sales Tax Holidays

by:GF bags     2019-09-07
Parents have their children ready to go back to school with about a tax benefit --
The third state. The sales-
Tax holidays are included from clothing to sports equipment and computers.
When so many states cut services and look for ways to fill the budget gap, some question the wisdom of offering tax incentives, but the holidays are very popular with consumers.
Shoppers love their parents
Even those who have no children
Excited about taxesfree days.
Ann Riggsby, outside Atlanta, said: \"A lot of people are struggling, so they think it\'s very helpful.
Regional Target store.
Riggsby says she may buy clothing and school supplies for her niece and nephew
Maybe there\'s a suit for yourself.
Despite the state facing a budget deficit of more than $2 billion this year and having to make additional cuts recently, including teachers\' leave, Riggsby said she was pleased that Georgia had not canceled taxes --free weekend.
\"I tell you, I do have this idea, and as a state with a school, the teachers take three days off, can we really afford it,\" she said ? \".
\"But you know, this kind of leap is helpful to everyone, and this is the time of year when people with children have to buy things.
Another customer, 18 years old. year-
Old Stephanie Horman is looking forward to going to college.
She and her parents are excited about the outlook for taxes
Free laptop
\"I think they like it,\" said Horman . \".
\"My mom kept telling me something like, \'If you need to buy more clothes, get it tax free this weekend.
If the country cancels the tax, many people will be frustrated, says Mr Holman. free weekend.
This year, Georgia held sales activities with 15 other statestax holidays.
Ten years ago, when the economy was booming, they started in New York.
In most states, clothing under $100 is tax-free, but accessories such as wallets, handbags and watches are not.
Computers are tax-free, but there are restrictions in most states.
$1,500 in Georgia.
Strong support from retailers \"Retailers are very supportive of this,\" said Maureen Lille of the National Retail Federation.
Florida and Illinois did not approve the holiday this year, nor did Washington, DC. C.
Canceled the scheduled tax
Free weekend due to budget issues.
However, Riehl believes that states generally do not lose too much income.
\"When people take advantage of sales opportunities --
They usually use it to buy other taxable items, \"said Riehl.
\"So, while there may be some decline in these two or three days, this will expand over time, and it can be said that they are making up for it with additional purchases in the taxable items category.
\"The retailers say the tax holidays have stimulated the economy because they have increased the flow of traffic in the stores and encouraged people to buy something now that they may delay buying.
There may not be a difference, but some analysts believe that consumers will not buy more, but will change consumption.
\"I think it affects more time than the total amount that people are going to spend,\" said Kim Reuben, an economist at the center for tax policy at the city Institute . \".
She added, \"If you think people are tightening their budgets right now, it\'s not clear to me that having a sales tax holiday will let people go out and buy things they can\'t afford, or we must hope they can\'t afford to go out and buy those.
\"Good idea, but no longer applicable?
Reuben said that tax holidays are a good idea when the economy is working well and the states are increasing their funds.
But since taxes are falling in almost every region, state officials should reconsider the idea, she said.
\"I think, in general, they should consider what is happening --
\"In the long run,\" she said, \"You know, if you let them take a day off and then you end up having to raise taxes, I don\'t know if it\'s really smart
In general, the popularity of taxation
The days of free \"back to school\" are getting longer and longer.
Mississippi held its first tax this year.
Additional tax on free holidays and other states
During the emergency period, people are encouraged to buy hurricane preparations along the Gulf Coast and energy-saving appliances across the country.
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