society6 just launched an outdoor collection to upgrade your next picnic

by:GF bags     2019-08-21
From the beautiful house, you may have considered the society.
Turn the art into a destination for household items and daily items, but the brand has just expanded to totes, bedding and bath mats (
Of course, there are dozens of other items they provide)
A fun new outdoor collection.
Your summer beach trip and a picnic in the park will get a serious upgrade.
In addition to the brand beach towels and can coolers --
The functions and forms of standard koozie have been carefully upgraded --
The brand has launched six new products on social networking sites, all of which can be ordered in hundreds of designs.
The launch includes welcome seats, picnic blankets, sling chairs, folding stools, floor mats and umbrellas. The best part?
Prices range from $49 to $199.
My personal favorite parasol is a durable woven polyester parasol that is water
UV resistant coating to prevent it from fading in the sun.
It is equipped with three aluminum bars and four plastic piles to install it, as well as a carrying sling to make it very portable.
Picnic blankets are also a must.
Just like the sun, give it-shade (
There are also folding stools, sling chairs, floor mats)
It has UV coating and waterproof performance. In addition, it is equipped with a carrying harness-
Not to mention, the bottom is made of durable black polyester canvas and can handle a little grass or sand.
If you want a little more summer stuff for your front door, the welcome pad is easy to clean and comes with latex non
Slip back of course.
Browse the full collection at soci6 or buy some selection (
Including those before
Existing can cooler and beach towels! )below.
Follow House Beautiful on Instagram. (
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