snow backpacking - stay warm and have fun!

by:GF bags     2019-09-24
Do you think backpacking is just a summer thing? No way!
In winter, the mountains have incredible views and original views.
Learn how to have a pleasant snow fashion backpack trip without freezing to death or being eaten by sasquatch.
Whether you already know a lot about outdoor activities or a complete beginner, you should try it out.
But if you are new, I would suggest you consult many other resources on the subject, as I will not provide a comprehensive guide in this guide.
Like everything outside, you need a lot of common sense.
Make sure you study this topic more on the Internet and maybe let some friends who know what they are doing and really understand what is involved.
Start from small, work to long distance travel.
As always, no matter how you handle this information or how you explain it, I am not responsible.
I will focus on six main areas to help you have fun (and safe)trip. 1-
How to get there. 2-
Select website 3-Shelter (
Before you leave, please make sure you get a weather report to let some friends know where you are going and when you are planning to come back.
I don\'t usually go far. . .
Maybe one or two miles most (
You may have to book there).
This can be more laborious than hiking on dirt and you have to get used to snowshoes and backpacks.
Make sure you have decent snowshoes and remember to buy shoes that are heavier than your weight as you will be around 40-50 more pounds.
If you have a lot of gear, the sledge is good and perfect for rare cases such as ankle sprains.
However, it\'s really awkward to pull up unless you have a hip belt device.
You really have to adjust your sweating during the hike.
If you start sweating, open your vents even if you\'re a little cold, or remove the layers.
If the moisture increases, once you stop moving, you become cold because of evaporation.
There are a few things to pay attention to when choosing a camp.
You want to keep it away from the wind, there is plenty of firewood to supply, and there is no danger of an avalanche.
Basically don\'t set at the bottom of a steep bare slope covered with snow.
You don\'t want to be paranoid, but pay attention to unstable trees, lots of Sasquatch tracks and sloping ground.
A very good place for snow is that you can pile it up anywhere and make a perfect flat pad for your tent!
You will be surprised that it is difficult to find a flat place in summer. . .
If you want to make a snow hole, you need at least 5 feet of snow, and it would be nice to snuggle up on a big stone if you want to sleep under the stars.
I was on my last trip and we were lucky enough to find a bunch of big slabs a few feet from where we set up our tent.
Unlimited dry wood that has been cut into pieces! (
I know it\'s a complete deception. . . )
Also find a good place to make a fire.
Shelter, but there are not many dry branches on it. (
The forest fire also started in the snow)
Whether you are going to use it or not, you should bring a tent with you. (
Find out why in the next steps)
Make sure it is a nice backpack tent with full rainfall.
Also, do not use tents that are much larger than the number of occupants.
It will take forever to warm up all the airspace.
Ideally you should bring a Four Seasons tent (Thanks Vautikos).
They are better built to withstand snow and extreme winds.
Tents for three seasons will not be too hot in the summer, but can still withstand the rain.
Obviously you don\'t care too much about the heat, so consider upgrading if your tent has a lot of nets and a lot of snow gaps.
As you can see from the photos, it\'s easy to make a perfect mat for your tent.
In the first photo, we saw about 4 feet of snow.
Once you have it cleaned up a bit, you rarely sink and can walk around in your boots.
Every once in a while, however, your feet decide to go south and suddenly your crotch, a leg running around on it. . .
Personally, this is my favorite way, and you can stay warm all night if you do it right. -Note-
Mother Nature\'s Son has great flexibility here.
First of all, you need to build a bed that is higher than the ground but has occlusion. (
Precipitation of cold air)
As you can see from the photo, I basically built a raised bed next to the rock.
The area is very secluded, so it works very well.
The cold air did not settle down on me and the snow isolated me from the bottom.
I think I \'ve never done it before. I\'m lucky. . .
I really didn\'t expect to sleep at all.
The most important thing is to keep it dry.
As you can see from the photos, I put down a waterproof cloth and an insulating pad, then folded the waterproof cloth over my bag and put more plastic on it.
Things really changed in the evening, but the sun was warm when I woke up.
Here\'s a link to a better ditch Guide--
> Click here I am definitely not an expert on this topic, but I will include what happened on our first trip.
It\'s me, my dad, and his dad.
I really wanted to build a snow hole so I read a bunch on it and decided it must be easy. Right?
Well, we started late and it was dark when we chose a location, but we started digging two snow holes. Trust me.
This is much longer than you think.
After about two hours I ate something like a snow hole.
I remember I was just thinking how nice and warm it would be when it quickly gave in to me.
I did a great job, but I had to dive back and get my headlights back: Luckily we brought the tent and gave up the further Ice House madness.
I still want to spend the night in one place one day. . . .
To be honest, whenever I am backpacking in the snow, the main thing we actually do around the camp is to cook, stand around the fire, sip the hot drink, stand around the fire, Cook, stand around the fire.
We always plan to go hiking, or go hiking somewhere, but for some reason we are always chilling by the fire. (No pun intended)
Thankfully, this leaves you a lot of time to make your food and drinks more delicious.
I don\'t like super light stuff and usually put the food together with the water in it.
Don\'t light food in cold weather, always bring enough food to stay for a few more days just in case.
Basically, you want to keep a good balance between carbohydrates, sugar, protein and fat.
All varieties will provide you with body temperature after a period of time.
Fat and sugar produce short-term calories immediately, and carbohydrates and proteins keep you warm all night.
Surprisingly, after you \'ve been hiking in the cold for a while, how delicious the normal stuff is. [TIP]--
Try roast cinnamon bear instead of marshmallow. It\'s da bomb! Important(
When some large animals are dormant in winter, you still have to take steps to keep them out of touch with your food.
Hang it on a tree at least 10 feet high and don\'t bring food into the tent.
Ground squirrels and chipmunks are known for stealing.
One day I was sitting next to my fashion backpack and a mouse ran up and started chewing on my fashion backpack to get my peanuts! .
* Grab a big frying pan *)
Follow these simple steps and you will never catch a cold. 1 -Avoid Cotton.
When the cotton gets wet, it stays hydrated forever, eliminating any insulation it has.
Stick together with synthetic fibers or wool. 2 -
Layer, layer, layer!
Make sure you have a bunch of different layers to use depending on the weather.
Start with a light, insulated and sweaty shirt. (
Like under armor.
And build it from there.
Always end with a waterproof and wind-proof outer layer.
Anything between these can be adjusted according to the conditions. 3 -Don\'t sweat it.
If you start sweating, pull open your vents or remove the layers immediately.
You may find this good because you are really warm, but you will calm down quickly as soon as you stop moving. 4 -Use your head.
Always, always, with some kind of hat.
Especially when sleeping.
A good heat is absolutely necessary when it comes to snow backpacks.
If you\'re in a wilderness area (
At least in America)
Fire is not allowed.
So, unless you want to squeeze on your small stove, stick to the National Forest.
Also, the bright fire really helps to keep the sauce at a distance. . .
Suppose you already know how to make a good fire, then it is feasible for a good fire Star (
Instructions here)
Here are some tips on how to do it in the snow.
You will get wet during the trip, you just need to dry the fire.
Dry = WarmIt is really cool, you can put wet clothes near the fire and soon you will see the steam coming out of the fire. Pro Tip -
Don\'t get anything too close to the fire.
I have presented a part of a sock and boot to the god of fire. . . .
My socks soon got better and baked, and then it turned into a crumpled, melted, blue glove. (
Luckily, it was not on my foot at the time. . . . . . . . . . )
The biggest factor here is probably to find some great firewood.
Because most of the firewood is covered with snow, you need to look for dead trees with low branches.
When you start using good dry material, you can use the wood under snow as long as you are not too saturated.
It looks strange, but you can have a fire in the snow!
Keep in mind though that fire burns in the snow, so you have to anticipate this when you choose a place.
You can see this in the second photo.
In addition to that, just use common sense and remember that forest fires can still start in winter!
Don\'t let the cold stop you!
With all the politically motivated garbage flying around and talking about the upcoming economic disaster, why don\'t you take the time to leave the city, stay away from the exhaust gas, and do something about it?
The clean air really makes you clean.
Do I sound like hippie)
The wild outdoors will trigger something inside you.
Something that makes you stand a little higher.
Let you accept the challenge. Try it. I dare you. . . .
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