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Six things you should know about school bag selection


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Abstract: The article from Gaofeng school bag company is here to tell you how to choose a school bag from six aspects:  respectively, they are thickness of material, smell ofmaterial, thickness of shoulder strap, density of pin code and whether design of school bag is reasonable.

Six things you should know about choosing a school backpack

Bag is a special bag for students, the right school bag is the best bag, so right bag is tantamount to the need for the right way to pick up school bag, then we will take a look at the choice of a schol bag of six common sense.

1. Check thickness of material for school bag:

Generally material for school bag production is nylon or PVC nylon or polyester such words, nonetheless, what does matter is thickness of material that school bag factory applies for school bag manufacturing.

2. Smell material of school bag:

Some schoolbag's flavour is very heavy and tense, which entails a period of time for strong smell to fade away, material is not soft also, serious winter easy occurrence crack.

3. Look at thickness of shoulder strap and pin code density for school bag:

In some cases, there are more stitches at the top of shoulder strap where it is connected to the handle of school bag, which belongs to the part where it is easy to open for school bag. More stitches are needed to make shoulder strap strong and durable for school bag. Generally, the width of shoulder strap should be 5cm (visual inspection is ok, but ratio should be based on the size of school bag).

4. Check whether design of school bag is reasonable:

Some bags (school backpacks) have a lot of zippers, more pockets, in fact, it is not necessarily a good thing, because the more reasonable zippers, school bag will be more attention, and it is less easy to be missed by thieves.

5. Time for bag shopping:

Buyer must not be in the vicinity of school if he or she just want to buy a schoolbag, because this time, bag factory is busy, quality can not be guaranteed, color can not be guaranteed either, although price of school bag may be cheaper, but early to buy some, for color, style, quality you will have more choices.

6. Note scope of application:

You can choose according to grade and age, and child's height.

In a word, in hunting for a good school bag, you don't need to choose international brands, price should also choose not to be tempted, a price for a goods is a millennium constant truth!

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