shooting by the rules lax paparazzi regulars frown on russell brand incident

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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 2/10/2010 (3164 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. LOS ANGELES —
In the latest round of Hollywood matches with paparazzi, actor Russell Brand\'s arrested Delta terminal entrance resumed its tenacious anonymity in the latest afternoon.
The traveler turned a bag in the face of a group of tabloid photographers, a tired-
It looks like it\'s only long enough to kill the cigarette.
Group of cameras-
The man waving around Brandon and his fiancee singer Katy Perry has left --
Santa Monica in Paris, there\'s a Lindsay to chase in Las Vegas-
But on the sidewalk, around a corner, a small group of photographers, regulars at the airport, stuck, their quiet, almost
Invisible work depends on tactics and more on cats and mice than mob scenes.
\"Just got LeAnn Rimes,\" Paparazzo blblanco said, leaning against the stairs overlooking the drops
Restricted area of American Airlines-
Below, the traveler climbed out of the taxi and limousine and knew nothing about Blanco and the three other paparazzi nearby, their strong eyes and clumsy shoulder bags were their profession
\"This is my headquarters, my home,\" Tony Villa said . \" Tony Vera, a veteran airport videographer, stared at the door and put his hands in a black movement of a hidden camera
He found a man outside a black SUV wearing a hat and sunglasses and stopped.
Is it Pete Wintz? \" he said. \"No. Not him.
\"For a small group of paparazzi who often work at the airport --
The photographer put this number between four and fifteen.
The Fracas brand is an anomaly and an invasion of one of the more orderly and civilized areas of the paparazzi world.
\"None of the photographers around Russell Brande and Katie Perry are airport photographers,\" said Frank Griffin, his agent Bauer.
Griffin has a photographer assigned to the Los Angeles International Airport.
Airport regulars \"comply with the law.
They won\'t park their car in a driverless place.
Parking areas, they don\'t try to offend celebrities except for taking pictures.
Perry wrote on Twitter that brand tried to protect her from photographers taking skirts, although the daily paparazzi at the airport were skeptical (
\"There is no market for shots like this,\" said someone . \")
They think \"bangs\"
The least offensive term they use to describe a group of photographers --
Basically stupid.
\"A lot of experienced people won\'t even go to the gang,\" said former TMZ videographer Eric Kron, who worked at the airport for a year and a half.
Photographers say that when 40 shots are trained on one topic, no one gets a lot of pay.
\"Everyone wants to eat,\" says 24-year-old Blanco. year-
Old College students working for the agency Flynet.
When photographers outside the airport get tips and share them with colleagues and competitors, or when a group of photographers follow celebrities to the airport from their home, the fights develop.
Mobs are rare.
Airport police.
Belinda Nettles said officials responded to a crowd-control call for paparazzi to participate, \"probably once a month, twice a month \"--
Given that airport officials estimate that about 60 celebrities pass through the Los Angeles International Airport every day, this is not common.
At this huge airport, paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport often rely on tips to find celebrities.
Some are from PR people who are trying to expand their coverage, some are purchased with a $20 bill
Or in the case of-
List tips, a few bills-
From limousine drivers, passengers or airport staff.
\"We have all kinds of sources.
Some work at the airport. Most do not.
Remember, it\'s not always that complicated.
Ben Evenstad, the owner of the agency\'s National photography team, said it could be that a sanitation worker saw Kate Hudson \"boarding\" and that the team had a photographer stationed at the airport every day.
Asked about the practice of tipping photographers, airport spokesman Nancy casers said that airport staff had no information about individual flights and that those who worked for airlines might have violated international aviation regulations, the regulations provide for names on passenger lists
For photographers, airport duty means a smaller and more comfortable world than regular paparazzi work, which can extend from Malibu to the courts in the city center.
Food and restrooms are always available and there is no place to chase the car.
\"It\'s like going to work in the office.
You get the flight schedule and you get the prompt from your boss.
\"It\'s the same every day,\" said former paparazzi Jennifer Bull, who occasionally works at the airport and is now writing a memoir about her career.
Former TMZ shooter Crown says the airport\'s interaction with celebrities is more enjoyable than the interaction of chasing celebrities outside Hollywood restaurants or on Malibu beach.
\"You have 20 to 30 seconds to talk to them and they are usually friendly and in a good spirit,\" he said . \".
But the photographer said the airport was paid much less.
Vera said that the encounter with Mike Tyson at Los Angeles International Airport in November brought him to the blood and he reduced his work at the airport. (
The authorities refused to file charges against two men. )
He said he found himself able to earn twice as much money by being stationed outside tabloids such as Lindsay Lohan and Jesse James.
\"The airport is a good place to work, but you can make more money at the door,\" Villa said . \".
Mr. Blanco says he earns about $3,000 a month, along with a commission on photo sales.
\"Less pressure (at the airport)
But there is still a lot of pressure, \"Blanco said.
Ten minutes later, a black SUV stopped.
The Usher opened the door and Vera held the camera tightly to the bag.
A fat bald man with glasses went out.
Vera\'s shoulder slumped. \"That\'s nobody.
Maybe a writer or something.
\"No one,\" he said dejectedly. —
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