shashi kapoor, bollywood legend, dies at 79

by:GF bags     2019-09-14
Bollywood veteran actor and producer Shahi Kapoor has died at the age of 79.
Kapoor, who has played roles in popular shows such as dival and kabesh, has been ill for some time and is in hospital.
He was part of the Kapoor dynasty, which has ruled the Indian film industry for decades.
He has won many national film awards and was awarded the Padma Bushan civilian Award by the Indian government in 2011.
He also played many British and American movies.
Kapoor died in the western city of Mumbai at the bayanbani Hospital on Kokilaben Dilu.
\"Yes, he has passed away.
He has had kidney problems for several years.
\"He has been on dialysis for several years,\" his nephew and actor Randall Kapoor told the Indian newspaper Trust . \".
The funeral will be held on Tuesday morning, he said.
The actor married the late British actress Jennifer Kendal and joined her in starting Mumbai\'s iconic Prithvi theater in 1978. His sister-in-
British actress feliciti Kendall
Kapoor began his career as a child actor and starred in more than 150 films, including more than a dozen English films.
He is famous for his role in the works of ivory merchants such as Shakespeare.
\"Vara\" and \"Heat and Dust \".
In 2015, he won the highest honor of the Indian film Dada sahe Falk Award.
Kapoor is known for his charming smile, and his fans often describe him as \"the most handsome Star Ever \".
He has a huge fan among women.
He starred with the superstar Amitabha in Bollywood 1970 and the 1980 s, with the two playing brothers, best friends or opponents.
His comments at war
\"Just maa hai \"(
But with mom\'s support)-
In a tense confrontation with the screen
The Sibling chan Brothers are among the best Bollywood lines for millions of fans around the world.
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