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russia reigns over its weather

by:GF bags     2019-08-28
In the snow-
On the northern edge of Moscow, scientists have been studying in depth for decades how to control the weather under their will.
Since Soviet dictator Stalin paused long enough in the throes of World War II, they have been trying to find an observatory dedicated to changing the climate.
Since then, they have melted the fog, dissipated the radioactive dust of Chernobyl, and violently called the rain, drowning the unborn locust that threatened the distant northeast grassland.
Now they are ready to fight the snow, Russia\'s most inevitable symbol of winter.
The Moscow government is strong and long-lasting.
Yuri Luzhkov, the current mayor, said it was too expensive to clean up the streets of the capital.
Instead, officials are considering a plan to spread clouds with liquid nitrogen or dry ice to prevent heavy snow from falling within the city.
Just as the first dark, snowy day arrived in the capital Moscow, the News of the proposal sent a shudder to Moscow.
It has also angered the surrounding areas, which will be hit by displaced snowfall and have attracted the attention of The Ecologist.
\"I was surprised because [the mayor]
\"We have never been asked,\" said Alexei Yablokov, a member of the mayor\'s eco-committee, concerned about the proposal, including the environmental impact and stress on the surrounding villages.
\"We have never discussed it.
The city government says no decision has yet been made.
But scientists at the Central Aviation Observatory say they are conducting in-depth negotiations with relevant departments and expect the cloud-
The plan of sowing ahead.
Scientists say the city has produced an excellent idea.
Since the import of their Observatory has decreased since the heyday of the Soviet Union, they feel uncomfortable and they are eager to release many of their technologies and various technologies.
They have planted dark clouds for political effects, clearing Moscow twice a year to ensure the sun is shining
The celebration of patriotic festivals.
In Russia, there was no rain in the parade. -
Because the Russian government is not allowed to do so.
\"Victory Day is the most sacred festival for us,\" said Bagrat Danilian, deputy director of the observatory\'s broadcasting cloud.
\"When veterans go out to celebrate in Moscow, we create good weather for them.
Just a bag of cement, he said. -500-
To be exact, it is Grade.
Throw the powder into the clouds and they disappear.
Forty years ago, Soviet scientists happened to learn how to disperse the clouds: they flew overhead, threw blue powder into the clouds, labeled them for observation.
Instead, the powder melts the cloud.
Danian, 56, a dark man
With thick hair and a bright smile, he was born into an Armenian family in Georgia, the Soviet Union, studying physics at Tbilisi State University.
He moved to Moscow in 1979 to work for the Observatory, where he has been since.
He missed the experimental era of the Soviet Union.
When Danian was young and had more money, he was sent to Vietnam, Cuba and Syria to study the clouds.
He flew into the hurricane, bounced in the air like a table tennis ball, and survived a lightning strike on a turbine spiral plane.
\"You won\'t find a more interesting career,\" he said warmly . \"
\"You can\'t compare it to anything.
You just have to rely on your own adrenaline.
\"Disturbing the weather is almost something God likes.
In ancient times, the whimsy of the climate inspired the concept of the gods, which was a need to rationalize, and there was still an inherent sense of helplessness in the face of the power of nature.
In most parts of the world, weather and cloud research focuses on the prevention of hail, tornadoes, droughts, etc.
It\'s not that Russia is the only country to use it to ensure a clear public holiday.
In Beijing, the games and other celebrations, dark clouds have been driven away.
But there is some carelessness in how Russians view cloud seeding.
For someone who is used to showing strong power, there is little interest in changing the weather.
\"Of course, the attitude here is indeed more positive,\" said Aleksandr Azarov, a senior scientist at the observatory.
He shrugged his shoulders. why not?
\"If it is dry, who does not pray to God for rain?
Scientists insist that cloud seeding is moderate.
\"You should not exceed the threshold for global weather change,\" Danilian said . \".
\"We are trying to look for this threshold very carefully.
\"Sometimes nature wins despite their efforts.
In an example, gravity.
During last year\'s independence day celebrations, the Russian Air Force struggled to drive the clouds out of town, with a bunch of cement falling to the ground instead of disappearing into the clouds.
It crashed on the roof of a house on the outskirts of Moscow.
Instead of accepting $2,000 in compensation from the military, the homeowner told reporters that she would file a lawsuit against \"moral distress.
\"It is unlikely that the Moscow will agree to give up the snow altogether.
In the long and dark winter, the clean snowflakes twinkle in the sky, which is one of the few timeless elegance, creating a vast playground for the children, briefly covering the monotonous days with sparkling white.
But Mayor Luzhkov is prepared to stop any particularly heavy snowfall, which usually releases a camp of plows on both sides of a large number of workers holding ice cones and shovels.
The city government believes that planting through the cloud can save $13 million.
\"In the movie, snow looks beautiful with St.
The background is the Cathedral of Basil, \"said senior scientist Azarov.
\"But the snow cost a lot of money to the Moscow authorities. \" megan. stack@latimes.
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